The SAP Learning Hub is a cloud-based learning platform. It delivers unlimited, collaborative, interactive learning 24 hours a day. It combines the very latest SAP training with social and e-learning opportunities, SAP Learning Rooms, and more – all for one affordable subscription price.

The Learning Hub offers the option to get hands-on practice with live training systems via SAP Learning System Access. 60 hours of usage is included with some subscriptions to complement your training and round out a blended learning approach.

Introducing the SAP Learning Hub

To purchase an SAP Learning Hub subscription, call our Customer Experience Team or your Account Manager on 1800 853 276 or email [email protected].

Explore all editions, tailored for your needs

These editions include access to a variety of learning resources, including SAP Learning Journey guides, self-paced learning content, SAP Learning Rooms, and the option for hands-on learning with the SAP Learning System Access environment.

Subscriptions are available to the Professional Edition, Business Edition, and eight focused Solution Editions. The Discovery Edition is available in a free trial format.

Please click here to view a comparison grid for all Editions.

Solution Editions - the fastest route to solution-specific success

Solution Editions help IT professionals build and maintain their solution proficiency in an SAP solution. These focused solution editions offer digital learning resources tailored to your needs within eight SAP solution areas, direct access to SAP experts in collaborative SAP Learning Rooms, 60 hours of hands-on practice through SAP Learning System Access, and two exam bookings for SAP Global Certification, online exams. Focusing on highly applicable content and enablement not only reduces per-learner cost and time to value, but it also maximises your return on software investment.

Available Learning Hub Editions

Edition AUD Price ex. GST Subscription period
Professional Edition, Public Cloud (HUB030) $4548.00 12 months
Business Edition, Public Cloud (HUB040) $420.00 12 months
Discovery Edition (HUB001) Free 14 days
Solution Editions AUD Price ex. GST Subscription period
Edition for SAP S/4HANA Cloud (HUB071) $2472.00 12 months
Edition for Digital Platforms (HUB072) $2472.00 12 months
Edition for Procurement and Networks (HUB073) $2472.00 12 months
Edition for Analytics (HUB074) $2472.00 12 months
Edition for Customer Experience (HUB075) $2472.00 12 months
Edition for Supply Chain Management (HUB076) $2472.00 12 months
Edition for People Engagement (HUB077) $2472.00 12 months
Edition for Finance (HUB078) $2472.00 12 months
SAP Learning System Access AUD Price ex. GST Subscription period
SAP Learning System Access: 20 hours (HUB320) $696.00 20 hours per 1 year subscription
SAP Learning System Access: 60 hours (HUB360) $984.00 60 hours per 1 year subscription

Frequently asked questions

What is SAP Learning Hub?
SAP Learning Hub is a digital learning solution that enables learners to build and maintain SAP software skills. It provides online, collaborative, hands-on, and expert-led learning to enable upskilling across the SAP solution portfolio. Learners get access to all the enablement content they need to prepare for SAP Certification and stay current with their skills.

What is an SAP Learning Room?
An SAP Learning Room is a unique social learning feature of SAP Learning Hub. It provides an interactive virtual space where you can address questions to knowledgeable SAP solution experts. You can also collaborate and network with fellow learners, attend expert-led live sessions, and access materials that help you prepare for certification exams.

What is SAP Learning System Access?
With the SAP Learning System Access portal, subscribers to SAP Learning Hub can practice skills and build experience with SAP software in a live, fully supported, private environment. The SAP Learning System Access portal is preconfigured with the data you’ll need to carry out hands-on exercises – on demand.
Solution Editions of SAP Learning Hub include 60 hours of access to SAP Learning System Access to practice using preconfigured SAP software systems.

How do I access the SAP Learning Hub product I purchased?
Access will be provided approximately two business days after purchase is complete.
Once access is granted you will receive a welcome message with access link upon logging with S-user assigned to

Is there a guide for the SAP Learning Hub?
SAP has created an on-boarding learning journey “1st Steps in SAP Learning Hub" to help you get started. Learn how to maximise the value of your subscription to SAP Learning Hub by understanding how to leverage it for your learning goals. Please note you will require a subscription to the SAP Learning Hub to access this on-boarding learning journey. At a minimum you will require the free Discovery Edition.

What is the SAP Learning Hub Discovery Edition?
The Discovery Edition provides 14 days' free of charge access to a limited SAP Learning Hub experience. You get access to selected handbooks, e-learnings and learning maps free of charge.