Since the dawn of time, when our prehistoric forefathers first discovered fire and then set about booking themselves on a Change Management course, one problem has prevailed. How do we get the most people in our tribe trained up for the smallest number of barterable goods? Whilst DDLS no longer accepts salt, wheat or deer skins as payment, we do recognise that we can help to get more people in an organisation skilled up for the available training budget.

Introducing the DDLS Advantages e-Card. The concept is very simple; we will provide more high quality learning experiences for less money. The more money you invest upfront, the more days of training you get for your teams. It really is that simple.

Better value for your training dollar Achieve significant savings on a broad range of courses from our normal public schedule, at one of our six capital city training locations. You can save even more on your travel if you attend a DDLS Anywhere course. The DDLS Advantages e-Card protects your budget and maximises your ROI (Return on Intelligence).

Get more, for less DDLS will provide more days in the classroom for you to choose from our extensive schedule. You can also use the DDLS Advantages e-Card for private training events. You can make your training budget have an impact on a wide audience, or provide key staff with a deeper dive into meeting their skills development needs. It all adds up to total flexibility within your budget.

Be more strategic DDLS’s account managers and subject matter experts will keep in touch with you and report on the training you have consumed and help you to be strategic with your training plans. The DDLS Advantages e-Card can be used by anyone in your company with the authority to book.

Need help making the case? The DDLS Advantages e-Card provides tangible benefits when it comes to making your training dollar go further. We’d love to help you make the case to your CFO, CIO, or the person with the cheque book. Please get in touch with us.

Coming soon We’re keeping this under wraps for the moment, but we’ll soon be launching a tool to help learners on their continuous learning journey.

I think we may finally have answered that prehistoric question. You can now get more for less, including change management courses and certification.

Thank you for choosing or considering DDLS.

Gary Duffield

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