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Years into the pandemic and cloud adoption continues to increase. But an enormous migration and modernisation opportunity remain to be addressed.

As cloud computing becomes even more critical to IT and business at large, the demand grows for people with cloud skills who can become trusted partners in navigating these opportunities.

Cloud services are booming and are inextricably linked to the efforts of organisations to achieve digital transformation.

According to a survey sponsored by Microsoft in The Economist:

72 per cent of organisations reported their industry’s pace of digital transformation accelerated because of COVID-19.

Certifications measure an individual's knowledge and skills against industry benchmarks and can validate that one has had the training, experience and expertise for the job.

Cloud computing experts are needed to help organisations navigate the complexities of hybrid, multi-cloud, and edge environments. 

Regardless of whether individuals are employed by end user organisations or by cloud brokers, people with skills specific to commissioning, configuring, operating and troubleshooting cloud services will be in demand for the foreseeable future.  

To support IT professionals in becoming these trusted partners whether internally or as external advisers, Microsoft has developed a comprehensive suite of training materials and certifications.

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  • The Continued Growth of Cloud in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines

  • The Cloud Skills Gap

  • Which Cloud Skills are Most in Demand? Including Cloud Adjacent Skills

  • The Benefits of Getting Certified

  • Microsoft Course Portfolio: What Certifications are Available?

  • Microsoft Certified Learning Partners

  • Why Choose DDLS For Your Microsoft Cloud Training?

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