Answers to your frequently asked questions

To help you get a sense of the Lumify Work training experience in Australia, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions along with helpful information to address them. Lumify Work was previously known as DDLS.

Lumify Work no longer sends the joining instructions via the “Essential Information” emails. All the class joining details and any courseware information required will be accessible via the MyDDLS portal.

As per the "Digital Sign In" email sent on the first morning of the course, please follow the prompts to sign in. After completing this, the information will be displayed in the details section of the booking. You can access the details section by either the hyperlinked booking number or the drop-down arrow.

Some courses require pre-reading and you will be sent specific pre-reading materials through email or provided access via the MyDDLS portal.

The training days normally run for a standard work day (9 am - 5 pm) unless specified otherwise. In this case, the start time is 9 am AEST so the expected finish time will be 5 pm AEST. The finish times can sometimes be early depending on how the day of training progresses. Your trainer will go through more detail of start and finish times and breaks on the first morning of training.

We like to champion community-based businesses and offer students local food and beverage options.

For most campuses, you will receive a voucher to a café or restaurant close by and select what you would like to have.

Alternatively, you will be shown a menu to a nearby café when you arrive at the campus and they will organise for the meals to be ready at lunchtime.

In some special cases, your booking manager or supervisor may collaborate with our team to consign a catering service.

It is not essential as we provide computers for the training unless specified for a particular course. If you wish, you can use it for the training or you can check work emails or tasks during your breaks.

The link to your Zoom session will be made available in your booking details on your MyDDLS portal (upon check-in on the first day of the training).

The majority of our courses are live, instructor-led, classroom-based training, although there are some self-paced and bootcamp options available. This is to provide students with more flexible learning options.

You can find the specifics of your course, including start and end times, in your booking details when you log into your MyDDLS portal.

Yes, there is no difference in price between the two modes of delivery.

Campuses offer a space for you and your team to bond and see each other face to face as a break from remote work. It also allows you to expand your professional network during in-person classes. You can take a virtual tour of our campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and Manila. Each page features photos to give you an idea of the facilities. You can also get information on how to get there and where to stay near each location.

Whether it's due to space or noise constraints, those who need to get out of the house and in the zone for training can sign up for virtual on-campus training. You can have the Lumify Work on-campus experience and attend at one of our campuses, gaining access to our full suite of experienced trainers who will deliver using our market-leading telepresence technology from one of our campus locations across Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

Most of our ICT events are introductory courses that include limited vouchers for exams for certifications. You can attend the sessions and then take the exam. Once you pass the exam, you will get your certification.

Other ICT events are designed as Q&A or discovery sessions so that you can get an idea of training pathways and the best courses and certifications per role. These do not include certifications.

You can find information on the course fees on the specific course page. If you are booking on behalf of your department, you can discuss your requirements with our team.
View our courses at: www.lumifywork.com/courses
You can also check out our offers: www.lumifywork.com/offers and courses with flexible learning options like self-paced study or bootcamp styles.

Tips, tricks and reminders before and after your ICT training session

Students often ask about what they can expect when attending on-campus training, including break times and lunch options. Those that are visiting our campuses for instructor-led training also ask about how to get there and what each campus looks like, particularly in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, and Perth.

Others ask about what virtual instructor-led training is and how it works. And speaking of virtual training, there's the question of how to find the Zoom link.

Learners and their supervisors are also curious about how to get their training materials and resources for advanced reading as well how long it takes to get their ICT training certificate after completing the course and passing their exams.

Other frequently asked questions are those pertaining to our self-paced courses and how to access them.

We will continue to update this page to respond to more questions asked by our students. These questions help us improve the overall student and customer experience. So keep 'em coming!