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We help students kickstart their IT Careers and boost their earning power

Learn today. Lead tomorrow.

In a world where IT skills are in high demand but short supply, we make it possible for anyone, anywhere, to unlock their potential and pursue a career in IT.

Through a mix of flexible, self-paced study options and hyper-relevant content across in-demand subject areas, we help students kickstart their careers and boost their earning power. Delivered 100% online by real-world experts, our range of globally-recognised qualifications, accredited courses and vendor-certified bootcamps is aimed at individuals who want to shape their own learning journeys - and get supported throughout the process.

Vendor-certified bootcamps

Designed to help students earn internationally recognised vendor certifications and in-demand skills. Courses range from 5 weeks to 6 months.

Nationally accredited courses

Designed to create job-ready candidates with nationally-recognised qualifications, practical experience and technical skills. Courses vary from 12 to 18 months and cover a range of diplomas and certificates.

Mentorship & career coaching

Lumify Edge is our dedicated student support program, designed to give industry newcomers a head start by connecting them with mentors, career advice and prospective employers.

Stay ahead of the technology curve

Don’t let your tech outpace the skills of your people

Quality instructors and content

Expert instructors with real world experience and the latest vendor-approved in-depth course content.

Partner-Preferred Supplier

Chosen and awarded by the world’s leading vendors as preferred training partner.

Ahead of the technology curve

No matter your chosen technologies or platforms, we can help you stay one step ahead.