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Microsoft - Professional SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery

  • Length 3 days
  • Price  NZD 2550 exc GST
  • Version 1.0
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Why study this course

Professional SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery explains the high availability and disaster recovery technologies available in SQL Server: Replication, AlwaysOn, and Log Shipping. You'll learn what they are, how to monitor them, and how to troubleshoot any related problems. You will be introduced to the availability groups of AlwaysOn and learn how to configure them to extend your database mirroring.

Through this course, you will be able to explore the technical implementations of high availability and disaster recovery technologies that you can use when you create a highly available infrastructure, including hybrid topologies.

By the end of the course, you'll be equipped with all that you need to know to develop robust and high performance infrastructure.

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What you’ll learn

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Configure and troubleshoot replication, AlwaysOn, and log shipping

  • Study the best practices to implement HA and DR solutions

  • Design HA and DR topologies for the SQL Server and study how to choose a topology for your environment

  • Use T-SQL to configure replication, AlwaysOn, and log shipping

  • Migrate from on-premises SQL Server to Azure SQL Database

  • Manage and maintain AlwaysOn availability groups for extended database mirroring

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Who is the course for?

This course is for you if you're a database administrator or database developer who wants to improve the performance of your production environment. Prior experience of working with SQL Server will help you get the most out of this course.

Course subjects

Lesson 1: Getting Started with SQL Server HA and DR

  • What is High Availability and Disaster Recovery?

  • HA and DR Terminologies

  • SQL Server HA and DR Solutions

  • Introduction to SQL Server Replication

  • Types of Replication

  • Configuring Snapshot Replication Using SQL Server Management Studio

  • Optimising Snapshot Replication

Lesson 2: Transactional Replication

  • Understanding Transactional Replication

  • Configuring Transactional Replication

  • Azure SQL Database as a Subscriber in Transaction Replication

  • Understanding Peer-To-Peer Transactional Replication

  • Configuring Peer-To-Peer Transactional Replication

  • Modifying an Existing Publication

Lesson 3: Monitoring Transactional Replication

  • The Replication Monitor

  • Real-World Transactional Replication Problems and Solutions

  • Conflicts in Peer-to-Peer Transactional Replication

Lesson 4: AlwaysOn Availability Groups

  • AlwaysOn Availability Group Concepts and Terminology

  • AlwaysOn Availability Groups

  • Creating Hyper-V VMs

  • Active Directory Domain Controller

  • Installing the SQL Server Developer Edition

  • Windows Server Failover Cluster

  • Configuring AlwaysOn Availability Groups

  • AlwaysOn Availability Groups on Microsoft Azure

Lesson 5: Managing AlwaysOn Availability Groups

  • AlwaysOn AG Failover

  • Managing AlwaysOn Availability Groups

  • Monitoring AlwaysOn Availability Groups

  • Troubleshooting AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Lesson 6: Configuring and Managing Log Shipping

  • Configuring Log Shipping

  • Managing and Monitoring Log Shipping

  • Troubleshooting Common Log Shipping Issues

  • Comparing AlwaysOn, Replication, and Log Shipping


This course is for database administrators and developers experienced with SQL Server. This course does not cover the basics of SQL Server.

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