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R Programming for Data Analysis - Beginner

  • Length 1 day
  • Price  NZD 775 exc GST
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Why study this course

R is a programming language specifically developed for the statistical analysis of data and for producing graphical output. The functionality of the base R package is greatly extended by user-contributed packages which contain a range of functions. There is often more than one way to achieve an outcome in R.

This introductory R course, is the first in our series of R courses and provides an overview of the basics and introduces some of the functions and packages that can be used to work with data. The aim of this course is to provide a foundational:

  • understanding of R

  • R syntax

  • data types and objects

We recommend completing this Beginner course and the Intermediate course together where possible. You will learn how to apply a variety of techniques on the Intermediate course. Learn the key concepts required to get you started using R scripts.

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What you’ll learn

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Use functions

  • Create basic data visualisations

  • Use R data types and objects

  • Write basic syntax

  • Create and manipulate objects

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R Programming at Lumify Work

Learn R programming to analyse, manipulate, and visualise data more effectively.

Course subjects


  • Introduction to R

  • Base R and contributed packages

  • Download and installation of base R

  • Installing R packages

The RStudio IDE

  • Download and installation

  • Overview of the RStudio environment

  • The main panes

  • Working directory

  • Workspace

  • Projects

  • Create a project

Using R as a Calculator

  • Executing commands from the command line and the source pane

  • Arithmetic operators

  • Relational operators

  • Logical operators

Creating Objects

  • Objects in R

  • Assignment operators

  • Naming rules

  • Basics of R Syntax

  • Creating objects

  • Viewing objects in RStudio

  • Viewing objects in the console

Data Types and Classes

  • Basic data types

  • Data structures in R

  • Vectors

  • Factors

  • Matrices

  • Arrays

  • Lists

  • Data frames

  • Tibbles

  • Which data structure should I use?

Changing data types

  • Implicit coercion

  • Explicit coercion

Naming parts of data objects

  • Column names

  • Row names

  • Dimension names

  • Names

Accessing Data within Data Structures

  • Referring to data by position

  • Referring to data by name

Replace parts of an object

  • Replace names

  • Replace values

Add to a data object

  • Add elements to vectors

  • Add rows or columns

  • Add by position

  • Add by name

Removing data from a data object

  • Remove elements from vectors

  • Remove rows or columns from matrices

  • Remove rows or columns from data frames and lists

Evaluation in R

  • Vector arithmetic

  • Order of operations

  • Vector recycling

  • Vectorised operations

  • Applying functions to elements of data structures

Using Functions

  • What is a function?

  • Syntax for using functions in R

  • Arguments

  • Getting help with a function

  • Overview of help documentation in R

  • Basic statistical summary functions

  • Masking of functions

  • Explicitly specifying the package name when calling a function

  • Package: conflicted

Importing Data

  • Importing data in RStudio

  • Importing data from text files (csv)

Exporting Data

  • Export data to text file

Basic Data Visualisation

  • The plot function

  • Add reference lines

  • Add text

  • Add a legend

  • Exporting plot


Terms & Conditions

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