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Meeting organisational goals is dependent on the performance of its people. By aligning learning and development strategies to business goals, organisations can enable their people to achieve their desired business performance and outcomes. For the best results, organisations should work with a learning solutions provider that appreciates the complexities of their business performance and goals.

The Lumify Work Learning Solutions Model provides a systematic approach to developing the capability of your people. The Lumify Work Learning Solutions Model underpins competency development by ensuring a common and consistent approach to the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of training. It incorporates a strong focus on quality management through planning and continuous improvement. Lumify Work can provide organisations with end-to-end learning services and solutions for small to enterprise-wide learning programs. Key components of learning solutions can include one or any of the following:

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Strategy and Planning

The strategy and planning phase is the forerunner to the creation of any learning solution. It sets the high-level strategy and plan for implementation by identifying and analysing the required learning outcomes for enhancing people’s performance.

A learning and development needs analysis is conducted to identify competency benchmarks, current learning cultures and practices, attitudes towards change, current skill levels of the learner groups and locations. This includes:

  • Identifying learning and development needs: findings are reported with learning strategy and planning recommendations.

  • Addressing learning and development needs: A training strategy and implementation plan are developed based on the needs analysis findings report.

Design and Development

During the learning solution design and development phase, the required learning outcomes, assessment and learning strategies are determined. This phase also determines the most effective delivery method to ensure the most effective learning solution is designed and development to meet the needs of all learners. This includes:

Learning Solution Design

  • Design learning outcomes framework and the learning solutions outline

  • Design e-learning modules with menu navigation

  • Design learning style guides/template look and feel

  • Performance settings – physical aspects, accessibility

  • Goals and standards – overall purpose for the learning, alignment with Standards and Accredited Frameworks

  • Instructional activities

  • Assessment methods – types of measures, tools of measurement

  • Implementation and reflection tools

Learning Solution Development

Lumify Work promotes an active learning methodology based on agreed outcomes, all of our learning is highly interactive involving and engaging participants, emphasising on-the-job application. A strong practical basis, with a consistent focus upon providing tools and techniques that can be applied immediately.

Learning Delivery

The learning delivery phase involves the full-scale implementation of the learning solution to the learner group. The learning solution is programmed, administered, deployed, assessed and recorded using the assessment and training materials. Training may be conducted in Lumify Work training centres, the workplace or other locations. The learning solution is delivered using our pool of facilitators, trainers and coaches. Our training centres are centrally located in the six major capital cities in Australia. Lumify Work offers a range of learning delivery styles, methods and platforms suited to your organisation’s learning and business requirements. Delivery modalities provided by Lumify Work include:

  • Traditional classroom delivery (Instructor-Led Training or ILT)

  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

  • Hybrid VILT delivery

  • TelePresence delivery

  • Lumify Anywhere (mobile classroom)

  • E-Learning

  • Seminar

  • Webinars

Assessment and Evaluation

Learning is a central part of an organisation and its people. Increasingly training has to pay for itself in terms of business benefit and enhanced performance. It is no longer acceptable to have expenditure that is not measurable against business objectives. So measuring, demonstrating – and then improving – ROI on Learning & Development investment is top of the agenda. Many learning programs have potential training overspend but also ensuring the right people have the right skills is a critical part an organisation’s planning. Ensuring that your organisation and your people are receiving the right training at the right time is also extremely important.

Lumify Work offers assessment and evaluation services that can help you ensure the right training is selected for the right people, that the training, once completed is evaluated against key metrics post training and also the ability to measure the effectiveness of the training to both the organisation and the learner.

  • Project Management (PMBOK) Assessment

  • Business Analysis (BABOK) Assessment

  • O&A Skill Builder (Professional Development for IT)

  • Training Effectiveness

  • SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age)

Managed Learning Services

Lumify Work regularly undertakes complex and large-scale learning projects for many organisations, including bespoke enterprise systems, eLearning development, graduate programmes, business applications, technology training and leadership development programmes. We also provide the following services to manage the learning solution implementation:

  • Training Project Management

  • Training Managers/Leads for enterprise projects

  • Training Administration and coordination services for projects

  • End User Adoption Services

  • Booking and Resource Management

  • Aggregation of training services

  • Single invoicing and reporting

  • Budgeting

Project Management and Resourcing

Effective Project Management will ensure prioritisation of module development to support training design, development, implementation and effective resource allocation. This is done through accurate defining the scope of client needs, developing a project plan and end-to-end project management.

  • Scope requirements

  • Determine project resourcing

  • Develop project plan

  • Project closure (PIR)

  • Provide resources

  • Contract management

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