Some time back I was telling some of my colleagues how fantastic I am at prioritising, calendarasing, negotiating and managing my time and while talking I have realised that the reason behind all these skills is the training sessions I had at DDLS.

I have applied what I learned to my everyday work activities and have seen great results. Some of the things I have learnt include time management, emotional intelligence and negotiating. Previously my “To do” list was always a challenge to keep on top of and was a source of stress for me. Now I calendarise all my activities and have never been so in control of my time and on top of my tasks.

I used to manage one medium project but since understanding how to manage my time effectively, I am now managing one major project, one program and 4 small projects. I used to associate negotiating to fighting. Now I associate it to reaching an outcome or understanding. I prepare before I negotiate and I know when to lose when to win and more important when to win-win.

Dan Boariu
Victoria University

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