As Google continues to dominate the cloud computing industry – currently claiming itself as the world’s fastest-growing major public cloud provider – it’s no wonder their Google Cloud Certifications are sought after by countless tech professionals.

Additionally, with their Android system a favourite among those in mobile app development, the company further offers multiple certifications in Google Development. Both qualification types not only help form one’s career path in Google technology, but also help promote the adoption of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Android-based devices, and Android-built applications.

Below, we dive into the what Google’s Cloud and Developer certifications entail, the benefits of attaining one, and how you can start getting certified today.

Google Cloud Certifications

Google currently offers three levels of cloud certification: associate, professional, and user.

Those new to the GCP are recommended to pursue an associate-level certification; as qualifications at this level explore the fundamental skills of deploying, monitoring, and maintaining Google Cloud project. Individuals are also recommended to have at least six months’ worth of experience building on Google Cloud. Upon achievement, associate certifications are an effective launchpad to more professional-level qualifications.

In contrast, professional certifications are best suited to those with existing industry experience (at least three years) and a solid familiarity (at least one year of experience) with Google Cloud products, solutions, and a technology. These qualifications focus more on the technicalities of Google Cloud, along with advanced skills in designing and managing the platform.

Finally, user-level certifications concentrate on equipping one with the skills to use G Suite’s core collaboration tools and features.

Google currently offers a total of eight certifications for their cloud technology.

Under “Associate”, individuals can achieve a “Cloud Engineer” certification.

“Professional” offers eight certifications: “Cloud Architect”, “Cloud Developer”, “Cloud DevOps Engineer”, “Cloud Network Engineer”, “Cloud Security Engineer”, “Collaboration Engineer”, "Data Engineer", and “Machine Learning Engineer".

“User” offers a single “G Suite” qualification for those looking to certify their skills in the software.

Google Developer Certifications

Professional programmers can add further value to their industry skillset and employability through Google’s two developer certifications: “Google Associate Android Developer Certification” and “Google Mobile Web Specialist Certification”.

Entry-level Android developers are recommended to start with the “Associate Android Developer” certification. The culminating exam will assess a candidate’s skills in mobile app design (using Android’s services and UI frameworks); using debugging tools from Android Studio; program testing and maintenance; and data retrieval or storage using Android frameworks and techniques.

Those with solid experience in mobile web app design, regardless of the platform, can pursue Google’s “Mobile Web Specialist” certification. The exam presents plenty of coding challenges to assess one’s developer skills, including: applying accessibility best practices to ensure web apps are accessible to all users (including those with disability or impairments); designing secure, efficient web forms using HTML; reducing page load times and ensuring positive, responsive user experience; and creating apps with offline availability, among others.

The Benefits of Getting a Google Certification

Achieving Google certification offers plenty of career and employment benefits.

Those who get Google Cloud-certified, for example, are reported to find greater success in the workplace and job market. Research shows that 87% of those under this certification feel more confident with their newly-attained cloud skills, and 30% report to have taken on more responsibilities or leadership roles at work.

In 2019, Google’s “Professional Cloud Architect” was reported as the “highest-paying” certification of the year.

Additionally, those holding a Google Cloud certification receive plenty of Google network-related benefits. These include the opportunity to connect with other certified professionals and industry leaders by gaining exclusive access to the “Google Cloud Certified community”. Individuals also receive a digital badge and certificate to display on their personal websites or social media profiles. Furthermore, certified professionals gain the exclusive opportunity to attend virtual or in-person events hosted by Google Cloud – opening their doors to more business connections and opportunity.

Google-certified developers receive plenty of the same community benefits: they get to add a “certification status” to their resume and social profiles, receive exclusive industry announcements and newsletters, and receive a digital badge to display.

In addition, their name is featured in Google’s public “Alumni Directory” – helping further establish themselves as high-skilled, industry-certified professionals.

Preparing for Your Google Certification

Google certifications are typically in-depth, (sometimes) performance-based, and require months of previous experience or training – so it’s important to ensure thorough preparation.

Depending on your level of Cloud certification, the amount of previous training may vary. Google’s Associate certification simply requires six or more months of hands-on experience with their GCP; their professional certifications generally require at least three years of industry experience, including one year of hands-on experience in designing/managing GCP products and solutions; and their User certification requires over three years of industry experience, including at least one year of hands-on experience with G Suite’s products and solutions.

Google Developer certifications, on the other hand, are more practical-focused – requiring candidates to demonstrate proficiency through multiple coding assessments. As mentioned, individuals will likely be asked to work with Android developer and debugging tools, HTML, and JavaScript; completing a coding project and “exit interview” for each exam.

Those pursuing an Associate Android Developer certification are recommended to have the coding skills of an entry-level Android developer. Those undertaking the Mobile Web Specialist exam are recommended to have at least three to four years of front-end web development experience – this including practice with Progressive Web Apps.

Experts suggest reading through the available exam guides and case studies on the Google Cloud/Developer website, checking for any knowledge gaps and areas for skill improvement. Training on the Google Platform and its related services, products, and solutions is a general necessity – with plenty of online education providers such as Lumify Work (previously known as DDLS) offering the professional experience individuals need to familiarise themselves with Google technologies.

Renewing Your Google Certification

All Google-certified professionals must recertify to maintain their credentials.

Google Cloud certifications are valid for up to two years from the date certified. To ensure their skills remain current (and to continue receiving Google certification benefits), all certified individuals must retake their exam. Individuals are required to pay the full price of the exam and will be allotted a new certification Series ID.

For Google Developers, certification is valid for up to 36 months from the date they receive their digital badge.

Looking to Get Google-Certified?

To expand your opportunities in tech or pursue a career in Google technologies, certifications in Google Cloud and Development can offer you a valuable head start.

As mentioned, Lumify Work offers multiple training courses to help equip you for select Google certifications. These include programs for an Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Architect, Professional Cloud Developer, and a Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification. The recommended courses under each qualification explore the necessary practical skills and knowledge concepts to aid you in your exam preparation.

Additionally, through the Lumify Anywhere platform, students have the opportunity of completing their training from the comfort of their own homes – or wherever suits them best. Pursue a globally-renowned Google certification today, and enquire with us on a course.

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