Over the last 3 years, the Australian Government has invested a running total of $1.8 billion to improve the cyber security environment. This year, there is a focus on individual citizens and public sector agencies.

Blog Image 2024-2025 Government Budget

However, calls remain for the Government to continue initiatives related to talent management, from attracting highly skilled talent to enhancing career progression, training and retention.

The Government Cyber Security Agenda

What is the Government's budget for cyber security? According to CSO, the Australian Federal Government's 2024-2025 budget includes significant investments in IT improvements, data security and cyber capabilities. It includes:

  • 2026 Census Support: $196.8 million has been allotted over three years for safe data collection, storage and increased engagement through myGov.

  • Regulatory and Cyber Security Enhancements: $206.4 million has been set aside for over four years to improve data capability and cyber security for APRA and ASIC, modernise legacy systems, and stabilise business registers across various departments. This measure will be partially funded through industry levies from ASIC and APRA.

  • Fraud Prevention: $78.7 million is set for ICT upgrades to enable the ATO to detect and block suspicious activity in real-time to protect tax and superannuation systems.

  • AI Policy and Capability Development: $39.9 million is allocated over five years. This includes $2.6 million over three years from 2024-2025 to support safe and responsible AI adoption and mitigate national security risks.

  • Parliamentary IT Support: $12.8 million is allocated over four years to enhance IT for business productivity and cyber security within parliamentary departments, followed by $2.3 million per year ongoing.

Services Australia Cyber Security Investments

This year's Government budget benefits citizens, including those from vulnerable groups. Especially with the expansion of the Digital ID System.

Blog Image Digital ID System

Cyber Security Investments for Services Australia includes:

  • $1.8 billion over three years to improve cybersecurity and service delivery.

  • $23.5 million over two years for fraud investigation and response.

  • $46 million over two years to enhance the Digital ID System and its administration.

The expansion of the Digital ID System shows the Government's commitment to providing a secure, convenient, voluntary, and inclusive way for people to verify their identity online. With a Digital ID, individuals will no longer need to provide copies of their ID documents to businesses or Government agencies for verification. This system simplifies processes and reduces the risks and impacts of data breaches and cyber-attacks, instilling a sense of security and confidence in our digital interactions

Cyber Security Talent Development as a Constant

When it comes to the cyber security workforce, the Federal Budget 2024-2025 has the Future Made in Australia initiative. Business leaders emphasise the need to keep strengthening and creating modern local industries.

According to CyberDaily.au, industry leaders stress the need for ongoing skills development in cyber security. There are calls to expand cyber security skills training and awareness across all Government portfolios, with citizen-wide campaigns and education to combat rising cybercrime.

We agree with continuing to focus on diversity and enhancing women’s equitable participation in the STEM workforce.

With the mainstream use of artificial intelligence, Australia must build AI capabilities into cyber security skilling. The Government can do this through technical training, end-user education on the responsible use of AI and research and development.

To support public sector organisations in implementing, growing and evolving their security maturity, Lumify Work designed Cyber Security Solutions that include:

  1. Cyber Security Assessor
    The Lumify Cybersecurity Assessor platform, powered by FifthDomain, enables organisations to evaluate the cyber skills of individuals and teams through skills-based assessments in realistic environments. This platform provides rich reporting insights that aid in management decision-making, allowing organisations to understand and address capability gaps.

  2. Cyber Readiness Workshop
    Many end users are unaware of the dangers posed by common cyber security threats, often leading to costly breaches. Lumify’s Cyber Readiness Workshop addresses this by providing real-world experience, tailored content, and comprehensive training aligned with CyberSAFE Awareness course materials and certification. It educates citizens and end users on identifying risks and protecting themselves and their organisations and communities.

Secure your investment in Cyber Security Training

Organisational and community resilience against growing cyber-attacks is a collective effort – all staff, agencies and citizens have a critical role to play. Most successful cyber-attacks succeed because of simple errors any of us can make. This is where cyber security training comes in. It equips individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to protect networks, computers and data from cyber-attacks.

Blog Image - cyber security skilling

Explore the range of courses and certifications offered by Lumify Work to enhance your cyber security readiness:

OffSec SOC-200 (OSDA) - Bootcamp in Sydney
Happening on 19-21 August 2024 at the Lumify Work Sydney campus, this 3-day SOC-200 workshop introduces attendees to the material covered in the included OffSec SOC-200 90-day subscription course. At the same time, it offers a guided hands-on experience of the associated challenge labs.

ISACA’S Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT®)
This is framework agnostic and the only IT governance certification for the individual. Whether seeking a new career opportunity or striving to grow within your current organisation, CGEIT proves your expertise in enterprise IT governance, resources, benefits and risk optimisation.

ISACA's Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer™ (CDPSE®)
This certification validates the technical skills and knowledge it takes to assess, build and implement comprehensive data privacy measures. CDPSE holders help fill the technical privacy skills gap so that your organisation has competent privacy technologists to develop and implement solutions that mitigate risk and enhance efficiency.

PECB’s ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor
This course helps you develop the necessary expertise to perform an Information Security Management System (ISMS) audit by applying widely recognised audit principles, procedures and techniques, specifically focusing on the information security management process.

Industry Certified Cyber Security Training

Lumify Work cyber security training is delivered in partnership with organisations like ISC2, EC-Council, ISACA, CompTIA, OffSec, Microsoft, AWS and Google Cloud. We work with cyber security vendors to provide the industry's most comprehensive, authorised cyber security training solution, with fully certified and award-winning trainers using the latest authorised courseware. Our instructors are recognised in the EC-Council Circle of Excellence and the Fortress Cyber Security Awards.

Access flexible learning solutions. Explore available options through Lumify Anywhere. We want to make it easy for you and your teams to access the best learning solutions. Wherever you are, Lumify Work is local to you. We have six fully equipped training campuses in key business centres around Australia. If time or distance are limitations, we can train your team on your premises or deliver state-of-the-art remote instructor-led training. Full HD video and audio create a virtual classroom experience with access to our expert instructors.

Download the Cyber Security brochure. Learn more about the courses and certifications to enhance your cyber security capabilities. Discover our available cyber security training with approved training partners, official course material, authorised instructors and global recognition.

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