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The most comprehensive range of AWS training and certifications delivered by Lumify Work, the leading training provider in Australia with campuses across the country and in New Zealand and the Philippines.

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Lumify Work is your best choice for training and certification in AWS, the most widely deployed cloud platform. We deliver a large range of accredited AWS training courses as an Amazon Web Services Authorised Training Courses provider. Get the full benefit of AWS training and certification with an AWS Authorised Training Partner like Lumify Work and our pool of AWS Authorised Instructors.

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Why AWS?

The AWS Cloud Value Framework

This framework was developed by AWS Cloud Economic by working with more than 100 of our enterprise customers and analysing over 1,500 public AWS case studies. The results show four main areas in which AWS customers are realising business value by moving to cloud computing:

  • Cost Savings - Infrastructure cost savings/avoidance from moving to the cloud e.g. 50%+ reduction in TCO (GE)

  • Staff Productivity -Efficiency improvement by function on a task-by-task basis e.g. Over 500 hours per year of server configuration time saved (Sage)

  • Operational Resilience -Benefit of improving SLAs and reducing unplanned outages e.g. Critical workloads run in multiple AZs and regions for robust DR (Expedia)

  • Business Agility - Deploying new features/applications faster and reducing errors e.g. Buildouts and deployments happen 5x faster (Intuit)

Each of these four elements are crucial in determining an organisation’s ability to compete and succeed in a fast-moving business environment, to achieve differentiation, accelerate innovation and make the most of the talent inside an organisation.

Cost Savings

In a traditional IT set-up, adding capacity to an organisation’s data centre is a slow process. It demands a long lead time, as well as accurate forecasting (typically six to nine months from initiation to availability) – and companies usually over-provision to avoid being unable to meet demand. With cloud computing, organisations pay only for the resources they need, and capacity can be instantly added and released on demand.

Staff Productivity

When an organisation operates its own data centre, a large amount of resources are dedicated to generic, IT housekeeping tasks: acquiring, installing and configuring resources, maintaining equipment. When IT moves to the cloud, many of these tasks are no longer required, freeing up IT staff to focus on higher level tasks that differentiate the business, such as new product development and improved customer service.

Business Agility

The traditional IT model places constraints on innovation and agility.

Cloud supports a rapid, agile approach to IT that drives competitive advantage. Developers can instantly provision resources and begin writing code, without waiting for the budget needed to deploy the full infrastructure stack that would be needed for a full-service offering. They can avoid costs because they can shut down instances when they are no longer needed.

Operational Resilience

By using cloud services, organisations can increase their operational resilience and avoid the high costs of IT disruption. AWS helps organisations improve the operational resilience in four key areas: infrastructure, operations, security and software.

  1. Infrastructure AWS provides a highly resilient infrastructure to protect against hardware failures, natural disasters and power outages. Every compute instance is served by two independent power sources, each with utility, UPS and backup generator power, virtually eliminating network outages. These approaches are standard with AWS but would be costly and complex to implement in an on-premises data centre.

  2. Operations AWS enables organisations to automate error-prone human elements with tools such as AWS CloudFormation and AWS Service Catalogue, thereby improving reliability. Furthermore, AWS Service Catalogue provides organisations with visibility into the utilisation and performance of their IT network, and is able to quickly identify and address any issues

  3. Security AWS supports high levels of security, and continuously applies best-of-breed protections to its global infrastructure. With AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM), organisations can securely control access to AWS services and resources, eliminating threats created by rogue servers or unauthorised users.

  4. Software AWS provides mechanisms to reduce the likelihood of software issues that could cause outages. AWS Managed Services automates common activities such as change requests, monitoring, patch management, security and backup services, and provides full-lifecycle services to provision, run and support infrastructure. IDC found a 94 percent reduction in unplanned downtime for AWS customers versus their previous on-premises implementations.

AWS Training in Australia

Lumify Work delivers Amazon Web Services (AWS) Authorised Training throughout Australia with campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth. We work with individuals and organisations who need to gain proficiency with AWS services and solutions. Our hands on, role-based training courses are designed around the three principal roles: Solutions Architect, SysOps Administrator and Developer. We also offer foundation level training.

Lumify Work has a team of AWS Instructors across Australia to ensure that the most comprehensive schedule of AWS courses is available from our seven training locations. Lumify Work can help support your company’s transition through our accredited AWS training courses with comprehensive training and certification tailored for individuals pursuing learning in the following paths:

  • Cloud Development

  • Cloud Security

  • Data Warehousing

  • Data and Machine Learning

AWS Courses in Australia with Lumify Work

Here are the top reasons to get AWS Certified with Lumify Work right now:

30 years of quality training experience
Lumify Work is Australia’s most awarded IT Training provider, successfully navigating three decades of rapidly evolving technology.

Authorised AWS instructors
Our AWS courses are delivered by AWS Certified instructors who are members of the AWS Authorised Instructor Program. This program ensures that Lumify Work customers experience the same standards of learning, as any other customers across the globe.

Breadth of expertise
Lumify Work works with a range of technology vendors, which enables our customers to work with a single preferred training provider that can cater to the breadth of their training needs. This allows customers to benefit from an integrated training plan on the technologies they choose.

National presence
A truly national provider with industry leading campus facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Brisbane, and Adelaide. It also has campuses and trainers from New Zealand and the Philippines.

Lumify Anywhere
Best-in-class telepresence, means you can get the same experience as our class-room students from your office, home or even one of our interstate facilities.

Advance your career
AWS Training and Certification can help you build your cloud skills and get you noticed by colleagues, employers, business partners, and customers.

Show you’re a pro
AWS Certifications validate your unique AWS Cloud skills and enhance your credibility with an industry-recognised credential.

Learning Paths


Learning paths are the progressions of courses and exams we recommend you follow to help advance your skills or prepare you to use the AWS Cloud. Explore the learning paths below, which are grouped into two categories: by your role or by your solutions area.

Role-based skills training is associated with particular job titles and is offered for:

  • Architect - Grow your technical skills for designing resilient, high-performing, secure and cost-optimised architectures on AWS.

  • Cloud Practitioner - Learn the foundations of the AWS Cloud, regardless of your role.
    Developer - Grow your technical skills as you learn about cloud developer and serverless fundamentals, containers, and more. Learning Plans can also help prepare you for the AWS Certified Developer - Associate certification exam.

  • DevOps Engineer - Grow your technical skills for deploying, managing, and monitoring cloud applications on AWS as you review CI/CD pipelines, deployment methodologies, observability, and more.

  • Machine Learning - Grow your technical skills and learn how to apply machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and deep learning (DL) to unlock new insights and value in your role.

  • Operations - Grow your technical skills for managing, automating, securing, monitoring, and troubleshooting operations on AWS.

Role-based Path – Architect Example Pathway

‘Solutions’ pathways are tailored to particular solution areas, as opposed to specific job titles, and are offered for:

  • Advanced Networking - Learn how to implement a solution in networking. Learn to design and implement AWS and hybrid IT network architectures at scale.

  • Data Analytics - If you’re looking to build or build your knowledge of data analytics in the AWS Cloud. Learn about data collection, ingestion, storage, processing, and visualisation. Learning Plans can also help prepare you for the AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty certification exam.

  • Databases - If you’re looking to build a career or learn to use different database technologies and architectures. Grow your technical skills to design, plan, and manage
    purpose-built databases and unlock innovation. Learning Plans can also help prepare you for the AWS Certified Database - Specialty certification exam.

  • Game Tech - If you’re looking build a career or learn to produce games in the AWS Cloud. Increase your knowledge of game servers and game analytics and help grow your technical skills to solve real-world game development, compute, and analytics problems.

  • Machine Learning - If you’re looking to build a career or build your knowledge of machine learning in the AWS Cloud. Grow your technical skills and learn how to apply machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and deep learning (DL) to unlock new insights and
    value in your role. Learning Plans can also help prepare you for the AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty certification exam.

  • Media Services - If you’re looking to build a career or learn how to stream and monetise live and on-demand video. Learn to deliver professional media experiences using AWS Media Services.

  • Security - If you’re looking to build a career or advance your security knowledge and skills, we recommend you start with an AWS Learning Plan. Develop critical security skills to simplify your organisation’s journey to the AWS Cloud, protect data and applications and innovate with confidence. Learning Plans can also help prepare you for the AWS Certified Security - Specialty certification exam.

  • Storage - If you’re looking to build a career or advance your storage skills and knowledge. Grow your technical skills to create, manage, and architect highly available storage solutions on AWS.

Solutions Based Path – Security Example Pathway

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