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End User Applications courses

Get the latest training in Office 365 applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, and more. We can assist with large end-user application migration roll-outs to reduce time-to-productivity or customise training for your specific needs.

Scale the skills of your people

Modern organisations rely on desktop applications to maximise efficiency and productivity. Lumify Work will equip your people with tips, tricks and techniques that will make the most of your organisation-wide investment in applications.

Lumify Work also has extensive experience as a solution provider of large application migration roll-outs to reduce time-to-productivity.

Training can be fully customised to meet your specific needs. Choose from a range of flexible delivery options at our training centres, on your premises or remote delivery.

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Custom Learning Solutions

Every organisation is different. And while Lumify Work has over 700 instructor-led training courses covering key technologies and processes, we understand that often you might need learning solutions tailored to your specific needs.

It might be time constraints, privacy concerns or specific learning outcomes that means you need a solution designed just for your organisation. Or you are rolling out an organisation-wide technology upgrade and need training done fast and effectively. We’re here to help.

What can we do for you?

Express Learning

Deep dive into an application, reduced training time and the specific knowledge your team needs.

Bespoke Technology

Create documentation, custom training modules and delivery of training to your organisation.

In-house Training

Expert instructor-led training delivered on your premises or to remote team members.

e-Learning Tools

Custom creation of e-Learning tools including online training modules and video training.

Learning solutions to meet your needs

Lumify Work takes the time to listen, and work closely with your team to craft the best learning solution to meet your organisational goals. Our expert team and breadth of resources means we can scale to meet your needs and deliver the specific training and results you require.

Stay ahead of the technology curve

Don’t let your tech outpace the skills of your people

Quality instructors and content

Expert instructors with real world experience and the latest vendor-approved in-depth course content.

Partner-Preferred Supplier

Chosen and awarded by the world’s leading vendors as preferred training partner.

Ahead of the technology curve

No matter your chosen technologies or platforms, we can help you stay one step ahead.