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Tap into the quadfecta. Lumify Work has all of your clouds covered with authorised training from leading vendors like AWS, Google, Microsoft, VMware, and more.

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Lumify Work delivers learning solutions to help your people and organisation stay ahead of the technology curve now, and in the future. We offer more choice and flexibility when it comes to cloud computing training. Our breadth of courses and alignment with all the leading cloud vendors makes training fully integrated across platforms. And we can take a whole-of-business approach to your training to make it strategic, ensuring value from your training budget and increased skills for your people. No matter what cloud (or clouds) you use, choose Lumify Work for all your cloud training needs.

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    Taking your business to the cloud

    What is cloud computing? In simple terms, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and intelligence—over the Internet or “the cloud” to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.

    On the other hand, virtualisation is the process of running a virtual instance of a computer system in a layer abstracted from the actual hardware. It refers to running multiple operating systems on a computer system simultaneously. And to the applications running on top of the virtualised machine, it would be as if they are on their own dedicated machine.

    Why choose cloud computing? Three of the often cited business drivers to move to a cloud computing model are business growth, efficiency and experience.

    Cloud services are booming and are inextricably linked to the efforts of organisations to achieve digital transformation. Adopting cloud services promises increased productivity, improved scalability and flexibility, reduced IT costs, and improved resilience and business continuity.

    Recent cloud adoption statistics suggest that: 

    • 94% of enterprises use at least one cloud service 

    • 30% of all IT budgets are allocated to cloud computing 

    • 66% of enterprises already have a central cloud team or a cloud centre of excellence 

    According to Gartner, worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow 20.4% in 2022 to total $494.7 billion - a step up from $410.9 billion in 2021. In 2023, end-user spending is expected to reach nearly $600 billion. 

    Inevitably, this means that there is unprecedented demand for cloud skills within organisations, as well as with cloud vendors such as AWS, Google and Microsoft.

    Deloitte Access Economics, in its latest report on The Economic Value of Cloud Services in Australia, found that cloud adoption by businesses in Australia has resulted in a cumulative productivity benefit to the economy of $9.4 billion over the last 5 years. 

    As one of our technical instructors puts it:

    "The cloud is the future with all the benefits it delivers including – Agility, Speed of delivery, Scale, Flexibility, Cost advantage, Consumption Model (you only pay for what you use) and AWS is the major player in this market."

    Learn about the top 10 cloud platforms for Australian businesses here.

    Dark clouds ahead

    Despite this, a dark cloud looms over in the form of technical skills shortage.

    SaaS-based IT management solutions company Flexera released their 2022 State of the Cloud Report which explores the thinking of 753 global cloud decision-makers and users from a survey conducted in late 2021. From here, they found the top challenges of cloud computing. They include:

    • Cybersecurity

    • The lack of trained resources and expertise

    • Managing cloud spend

    • Governance

    • Managing software licences

    • Balancing central cloud team vs. business unit responsibilities

    • Cloud migration projects

    • Managing multi-cloud

    Most Australian businesses surveyed in the Deloitte report cited challenges in moving to cloud services are:

    • skills (37%)

    • legacy systems (37%)

    • cost (35%)

    The best training for every cloud platform with Lumify Work

    For clear skies and for weathering storms, we can train your teams to ensure that they have the right skills. Our goal is to enable them to innovate strategically, efficiently, securely, and in alignment with industry best-practice.

    Lumify Work is the leading provider of information and communications technology training in Australia, including certifications in cloud computing and virtualisation. Lumify Work is aligned with all the leading cloud vendors as an approved training partner. Lumify Work provides: 

    • The widest range of courses from all leading cloud vendors 

    • The latest official and vendor-approved course material 

    • Authorised instructors 

    • Globally recognised courses and certifications 

    Lumify Work is also: 

    • The only training provider in Australia authorised by the top four cloud vendors – AWS, VMware, Google, and Microsoft

    • Australia’s first Microsoft Gold Learning Partner 

    • Australia’s only ISC2 authorised partner 

    If you have a multi-cloud adoption strategy, our breadth of courses and alignment with all leading cloud vendors makes training fully integrated across all platforms. And we take a whole of business approach to your training to make it strategic, ensuring value from your training budget and increased skills for your people. 

    Lumify Work offers more choice and flexibility with classroom-based training, on-site training at your premises or virtual learning. We can also create custom training solutions to meet your specific needs and provide guidance on learning pathways, so you maximise your training investment. Lumify Work offers cloud computing training in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, and Brisbane.

    No matter what cloud (or clouds) you use, choose Lumify Work for all your cloud training needs. 

    Five reasons to choose Lumify Work for your Cloud Computing training

    Lumify Work is Australasia’s leading provider in corporate IT and process training. We offer a range of courses in cloud computing on successfully adopting, optimising, and navigating the challenges of cloud services. Our team of course advisors can help you design a pathway for how to start a career in cloud computing or how to sign up your team for the right cloud computing courses that will equip them with the skills and knowledge to plan, implement and manage your innovation strategy on the cloud.

    Equip both your business with the skills required to successfully operate in a cloud-based environment, with topics that delve into the implementation, compliance measures, management, and risk mitigation involved with such platforms.

    Here are some reasons Lumify Work makes a great partner for your cloud computing training strategy.

    1. Endorsed by the leading cloud vendors: Authorised training partners of all leading cloud vendors including VMware, AWS, Google and Microsoft.  

    2. Authorised instructors: Instructors must meet the stringent standards of all cloud vendors and use official vendor-approved course materials.

    3. Broad expertise: Lumify Work works with multiple vendors so your organisation can have a fully integrated training program, no matter what cloud (or clouds) you use. 

    4. Flexible training delivery: Training that suits your organisation and people, with classroom-based training across our seven campuses in Australia, on-site training at your premises, and remote learning options with Lumify Anywhere. 

    5. Custom training solutions: Lumify Work will work closely with you to design a customised training solution that is suited to the specific needs of your organisation and people.  

    Plus, there's Lumify Plus - your free online learning pathway to extend knowledge beyond courses. Get resources to help you practice what you learned and prepare for future cloud computing courses, exams and certifications.

    Set up for success with the right cloud computing course. Deepen your knowledge of how cloud computing works, what virtualisation is in cloud computing and how it helps businesses scale their service delivery. Get hands on labs, practical exercises and resources. Best of all, you'll be part of a learning community that provides advice even after the classroom session.

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