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Lumify Work offers cloud computing and virtualisation training courses to help you make the most of the VMware platform and equip you for your selected VMware certifications.

Authorised VMware partner

Lumify Work is proud of our long-standing, strong relationship with VMware which enables us to provide quality training in VMware products. We are the largest VCF Education Delivery Partner in Australia and New Zealand, offering training in vSphere, Aria Suite, vRealize, vSAN, NSX, and VMware Cloud Foundation courses.

You can grow your skills in making the most out of the VMware platform so you can deliver better experiences to your external customers and empower your employees to do their best work.

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    What is VMware and what is it used for?

    For those just beginning their virtualisation journey, here's a quick refresher. The VMware software spans App Modernisation, Cloud, Networking & Security and Digital Workspace.

    VMware, as some may already know, was founded in 1998 by Diane Greene, Mendel Rosenblum, Scott Devine, Ellen Wang and Edouard Bugnion. The original co-founders have since gone on to manage other tech enterprises and make a name for themselves in IT research and education. They derived the term “VMware” from "Virtual Machine ware" as the software creates a virtual machine on your computer. This was designed to help businesses better manage their resources.

    VMware has been a strategic technology in the virtualisation space and it has gained the attention of and partnerships with some well-respected global organisations. Initially partnering and then acquired by EMC in 2004, and later becoming part of the DELL family (2015) before a recent acquisition by world-renowned Semiconductor and Networking manufacturer Broadcom earlier in 2022.

    Today, VMware is a leading provider of multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud services for virtualised desktops, apps and security, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control.

    Is VMware Certification and Training Worth It?

    Our short answer is that yes, it is because the high demand for ICT professionals with VMware certifications is almost evergreen. Although many candidates recertify every two years and upgrade their environments to the latest versions. Our long answer explores how one validates your understanding of the software that can be both complex and that is often the crucial foundation of an organisation's infrastructure.

    1. Skills recognition

    While experience counts, having a VMware certification validates this. It is also a quick indicator that you have the skills and experience. VMware is a complex system and certification shows that you've studied the documentation and have experience with applying theory to tasks and projects.

    2. Career opportunities

    Certifications matter in the ICT space. Even more so in the area of virtualisation. Taking VMware training and getting certified puts you in step with a rare breed of IT professionals. This sets you up for advancements, job opportunities and projects.

    3. Evergreen certifications

    Previously, VMware certifications expired every two years. But due to the nature of the software and virtualisation projects, the VMware certification track has since been updated to support career growth. It is designed to help IT professionals earn higher-level certifications as they deal with more complex projects.

    4. Expanded knowledge of other tools

    A feature of VMware is that it is flexible and can be integrated with other tools that are part of your system. Because of this, learning and getting certified for VMware technologies prepares you to learn about and possibly get certified for DevOps engineering and AWS administrator roles in the future. This is according to SSDN Technologies.

    What are the VMware Learning Paths?

    VMware Learning Paths are designed to help you identify course needs based on your VMware product focus, your role and skill level. Courses and certifications are organised by Professional and Advanced to guide you to the best option. Learning Paths are designed to help you identify course needs based on your VMware product focus, your role and skill level. Explore learning for four major paths:

    1. Multi-Cloud

    2. Virtual Cloud Network

    3. App Modernisation

    4. Intrinsic Security

    Use cloud-based solutions to manage work across different clouds and platforms. Your IT estate is complicated, with workloads deployed natively in multiple clouds, multi-cloud Kubernetes, and VMware private and hybrid clouds. VMware delivers the multi-cloud operations capabilities you need to use any cloud with confidence and make your digital business goals a reality. In the Multi-Cloud path, you can find training for:

    • Cloud Foundation

    • Integrated OpenStack

    • Aria Suite Lifecycle Manager

    • Aria Automation and Operations

    • Cloud Director

    • vSphere

    • vSAN

    • Site Recovery Manager

    Connect and secure apps and data, regardless of where they run, from the data centre to cloud-to-edge infrastructure. Power your business with a network defined entirely in software. Built on best-in-class VMware technologies, a virtual cloud network connects and secures your apps and data across private, public and edge/branch clouds with a scale-out approach that is independent of the underlying physical infrastructure. In the Virtual Cloud Network path, there are in-person and online courses for:

    • NSX Data Center

    • NSX for vSphere

    Modernise application development to accelerate digital innovation. You have hundreds or even thousands of applications—both existing monoliths and new cloud-native microservices. They are all different and all critical to your business. Leverage VMware technologies that enable you to build, run and manage all your applications across any cloud. In the App Modernisation path, there are in-person and online courses for:

    • Tanzu Kubernetes

    Are VMware courses challenging?

    Our technical instructors and students agree that VMware vSphere is complex software. Learning VMware vSphere requires a comprehensive knowledge of cloud computing and experience with managing cloud environments.

    But enrolling in VMWare courses in person at any Lumify Work campus is a significant first step. It will help you get up to speed more effectively. Through the Lumify Anywhere platform, students can complete their training from the comfort of their homes or one of our campuses across Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines – or wherever suits them best. You can learn VMware from a Lumify Work campus in Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, or Perth.

    Booking and sitting a VMware course offers a good overview of the software. It also gives you access to resources for continued learning to help you prepare for certification, including a supportive community of students from the public and private sectors and technical instructors. Learning VMware with Lumify Work enables you to grow your professional community.

    Getting a VCP certification means you have been battle-tested. Certification validates your skills, experience and in-depth knowledge. After taking a VMware course, our students often spend three to six months preparing for exams by reviewing study materials and practising with labs and sandbox environments before taking the exam. After that, they book and sit for intermediate or advanced courses and spend time preparing for Advanced Professional Certifications and Design Expert Certifications.

    Course not listed?

    Lumify Work can offer older versions of some VMware courses, as well as a range of additional courses not shown on our website. Please contact us if the course you're interested in is not listed on our website. See the list of additional courses and versions here.

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