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End User Adoption

End User Adoption for Microsoft 365 and Office Applications

Congratulations! Deploying Microsoft Office 365 can be easy with Lumify Work! We can support your organisation in the adoption journey with Office 365 training for end users.

Success is measured by long-term user adoption, however this is easier said than done. Getting business units to adopt, consume, and realise the full potential of Office 365 is challenging.

Office 365 is a brilliant collaboration tool, however this does not mean users are efficient, productive or know how to truly collaborate in this modern age of technology. With the new age of digital disruption, be empathetic to your users.

Lumify Work is here to assist at every step in your Office 365 adoption and training plans. Our aim is to help educate and enable your business to get the best return on your Office 365 investment.
With this in mind, our team can help you develop and execute:

  • A complete change management plan

  • An end user communication plan

  • A customised scenario-based business adoption training plan:

    • Business scenario identification

    • Customised user training for champions, help desk, executives and assistants

    • Company branded training materials

    • Company branded Quick Reference Guides

    • How to step-by-step learning

    • Videos developed specifically for your business

If you’re interested in making sure your company is leveraging the power of Office 365 and how Office 365 training can drive adoption, contact our Customer Experience Team on 1800 U LEARN (853 276) or for a full list of our applications training click here!

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