How do you make sure that your cloud training sticks? You can access AWS Skill Builder through Lumify to provide your teams with structured paths and hands on exercises for continuous learning.

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AWS commissioned Forrester Consulting to do a survey. Released in May 2022, "The Total Economic Impact of AWS Training and Certification" found that:

AWS Training and Certification can deliver 234% ROI when you upskill existing workforces.

But to ensure retention and a positive impact on operations, you can leverage guided exercises that foster social learning, develop practical skills for common cloud scenarios and provide opportunities to practice solving real world scenarios.

Unlock more value with an AWS Skill Builder Team subscription

Whether in school, professional development or within our teams, we've experienced how through and with others boosts retention.

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Psychologist Albert Bandura calls this Social Learning Theory. It describes what happens when people observe behaviours directly through social interactions with others or indirectly by observing behaviours through media like videos and articles.

This type of learning experience is what helps teams unlock more value. They can pick up tips and tricks from each other as they go through group exercises and derive insights from case studies by other teams dealing with similar, real world scenarios.

When you explore Skill Builder by AWS, you can make the most of the training that your team receives. The content provides insights on how your organisation can immediately apply cloud technologies for growth. With these, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Accelerating cloud transformation

  • Increasing productivity

  • Building cloud skills at scale

  • Fostering a culture of innovation

  • Deepening team engagement

  • Improving recruitment and retention

Minoo Gupta, Sr Director Engineering Operations at Citrix had this to say:

“AWS Skill Builder Team subscription allows us to deliver structured training to ensure the scale we need to train hundreds of people with minimum oversight and resources.”

What's included in AWS Skill Builder training?

Want to build in-demand cloud skills in an interactive, engaging way? In addition to the courses and learning plans, an Individual subscription offers access to AWS Builder Labs, enhanced exam prep courses including AWS Certification Official Practice Exams and additional practice materials, more role-based games and Jam challenges to get hands-on and to improve your learning experience.

  • 125+ AWS Builder Labs
    Practice AWS skills with step-by-step guidance in a sandbox environment without the cost of using your own instance.

  • AWS Cloud Quest
    Help builders develop practical AWS skills with game-based learning. Choose a job role and start playing.

  • AWS Certification Exam Prep
    Prepare for your AWS Certification Exams with prep courses and AWS Official Practice Exams with the same question style and depth as the official exam.

  • AWS Jam Journey
    Solve real-world challenges created by AWS experts in a gamified environment around security, migration, dev-ops, AI/ML, and more.

  • AWS Industry Quest
    Challenge your teams to build solutions for common financial services use cases, with more industries to come.

More content from a Skill Builder Team subscription

AWS Skill Builder subscriptions give registered staff and organisations access to exclusive learning materials built by builders for builders.

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  • Administrative tools that scale
    Managers and administrators can assign learning paths based on organisational, project, and individual needs.

  • Complete reporting suite
    Intuitive built-in reports show course enrolment, progress, completion rates and more. Track progress and celebrate wins with your team!

  • AWS Jam events
    Host your own internal AWS Jam events where teams or departments can solve challenges together using AWS. Foster collaboration and shared learning, creativity, friendly competition and trust.

Access AWS Skill Builder through Lumify

Lumify Work (formerly DDLS Training) is an Advanced Tier Training Partner of AWS. Our partnership helps us provide innovative learning and community experiences for our customers in Australia.

Lumify's most comprehensive range of AWS training and certifications supports organisations in realising the AWS Value Framework. Download our brochure on AWS training to get more details.

  • Cost Savings - Infrastructure cost savings/avoidance from moving to the cloud e.g. 50%+ reduction in TCO

  • Staff Productivity - Efficiency improvement by function on a task-by-task basis e.g. Over 500 hours per year of server configuration time saved

  • Operational Resilience -Benefit of improving SLAs and reducing unplanned outages e.g. Critical workloads run in multiple AZs and regions for robust DR.

  • Business Agility - Deploying new features/applications faster and reducing errors e.g. Buildouts and deployments happen 5x faster.

Contact us for a consultation about AWS Skill Builder and how to create a cloud training program that sticks.

You can also access AWS Jumpstart Bundles for digital cloud training from Lumify. They include AWS Authorised courses like AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials and Architecting on AWS. You can also access two certification exams through the bundle: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate.

Interested in meeting up and learning with the AWS community? Watch this space! You can regularly visit our Events Page for upcoming AWS Cloud computing events and tradeshows. We host these events as online webinars, hackathon-style Game Days or in-person sessions. These events are designed to help participants learn about basic cloud concepts and AWS Cloud Terminology and core services so they can form the best cloud training strategies.

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