ICT Training Survey 2020 - Identifying skills gaps and opportunities

In just a few short decades, Information Technology has evolved from the back office to the front office and is now an essential component in nearly every aspect of business and personal life.

Staple technologies such as the cloud have created enormous potential for innovation and growth, but to fully realise this potential, organisations need highly skilled staff with the capability to manage complex and ever-evolving IT environments.

DDLS commissioned a survey in mid-2020 to determine:

  • trends in IT training and certification

  • areas and specialisations where skilled IT staff are in short supply

  • key opportunities and challenges for delivering training to the market in the next few years

Access the IT Training Survey report from 2020 to get insights from these customers. The data from here can provide you with a benchmark for your own IT career growth strategy in terms of areas of specialisation, potential networking opportunities and modes of learning.

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A total of 392 DDLS customers from 270 Australian companies responded to the online survey. Respondents were not targeted in any way - the survey was sent out to all personal and business customers of DDLS, and this report represents the 392 respondents who voluntarily participated in the survey. When asked to identify the number of employees in their organisation, 50% of all respondents indicated they are employed by large corporations with over 1000+ employees.

The respondents are distributed across a vast range of industries. The majority of respondents actually identified their industry as ‘Other’. The next most popular is ‘Public Sector - State Government’ (13%), followed closely by ‘Education and Training and Information Media and Telecom (10%)’.

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