Answers to your frequently asked questions

To help you get a sense of the Lumify Work training experience in the Philippines, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions along with helpful information to address them. Lumify Work was previously known as DDLS.

Tips, tricks and reminders before and after your ICT training session

Students often ask about what they can expect when attending on-campus training, including break times and lunch options. Those that are visiting our campuses for instructor-led training also ask about how to get there and what each campus looks like, particularly in BGC in Metro Manila.

Others ask about what virtual instructor-led training is and how it works. And speaking of virtual training, there's the question of how to find the Zoom link.

Learners and their supervisors are also curious about how to get their training materials and resources for advanced reading as well how long it takes to get their ICT training certificate after completing the course and passing their exams.

Other frequently asked questions are those pertaining to our self-paced courses and how to access them.

We will continue to update this page to respond to more questions asked by our students. These questions help us improve the overall student and customer experience. So keep 'em coming!