Whether online or in person, the need to connect with people has always made our learning sessions and ICT events or at Lumify Work campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Brisbane enjoyable and impactful. Bookmark this page or plug in your contact details below so you can get notified of our latest confirmed ICT networking events.

Our 2024 events are coming soon!

See you at our ICT Events

We aim to enable people to thrive in the digital landscape of tomorrow. You can sign up for our face to face or IT webinar events to get started on your career growth.

Together with our partners, we offer free fundamentals and introductory ICT learning sessions and events like on AWS and Microsoft Azure. These often come with exam vouchers and merch like T-shirts. Our ultimate goal is to support and encourage more people to equip themselves with the right skills that can advance their careers and serve their communities.

With these fundamentals training sessions, you can tick that first training and certification off your list of goals and milestones for the year. In turn, you can evaluate whether you are on the right career upskilling path or if the courses will also suit your organisation's requirements.

You can also expect events in different focus areas like project management, end user applications, cloud computing, data analytics and more. Sign up for our upcoming cyber security events in our campus in BGC in Metro Manila or cyber security virtual events. IT service management events are also in the pipeline. Ask our technical instructors for advice on learning paths during these events.

And of course, another benefit of participating in our information technology events is that you get to be part of a tight-knit professional community. We have met some students in the past that have become supportive friends. They talk to each other about their achievements, challenges and pain points. And during face to face sessions, they enjoy snacks from local small businesses.