This certification is for information protection and compliance administrators who plan and implement risk and compliance controls in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal.

The information protection and compliance administrator translates an organisation’s risk and compliance requirements into technical implementation. They are responsible for implementing and managing solutions for content classification, data loss prevention (DLP), information protection, data lifecycle management, records management, privacy, risk, and compliance.

The information protection and compliance administrator works with other roles that are responsible for governance, data, and security to evaluate and develop policies to address an organisation’s risk reduction and compliance goals. This role assists workload administrators, business application owners, human resources departments, and legal stakeholders to implement technology solutions that support the necessary policies and controls.

Recommended approach:

Step 1: Review the skills and knowledge required to certify.

Step 2: Train for certification exams.

Course: Microsoft SC-400T00 - Administering Information Protection and Compliance in Microsoft 365

Step 3: Schedule your SC-400 exam and get certified.

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