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Networking in Google Cloud

  • Length 2 days
  • Price  $1620 inc GST
  • Version 2.0
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Why study this course

This two-day instructor-led course gives participants a broad study of networking options on Google Cloud.

The course builds on the networking concepts covered in the Architecting with Google Compute Engine course. Through presentations, demonstrations, and labs, participants explore and deploy Google Cloud networking technologies. These technologies include: Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks, subnets, and firewalls, Interconnection among networks, Load balancing, Cloud DNS, Cloud CDN, Cloud NAT. The course will also cover common network design patterns.

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What you’ll learn

This course teaches participants the following skills:

  • Configure VPC networks, subnets, and routers and control administrative access to VPC objects

  • Route traffic by using DNS traffic steering

  • Control access to VPC networks

  • Implement network connectivity between Google Cloud projects

  • Implement load balancing

  • Configure connectivity to Google Cloud VPC networks

  • Configure private connection options to provide access to external resources and services from internal networks."

  • Identify the best Network Service Tier for your needs

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Who is the course for?

This course is intended for the following participants:

  • Network engineers and administrators who use the Google Cloud console or are planning to do so.

  • Individuals who want to be exposed to software-defined networking solutions in the cloud.

Course subjects

Module 1: VPC Networking Fundamentals

  • Overview of VPC networks

  • IPv6 addressing

  • Routes and route preferences

  • Bring your own IP (BYOIP)

  • Multiple network interfaces

  • Cloud DNS policies

  • Lab: Working with Multiple VPC Networks

  • Lab: Traffic Steering using Geolocation Policy

Module 2: Controlling Access to VPC Networks

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles

  • Policy constraints

  • Firewall rules

  • Lab: Controlling Access to VPC Networks

Module 3: Sharing Networks across Projects

  • Shared VPC

  • VPC Network Peering

  • Lab: Configuring VPC Network Peering

Module 4: Load Balancing

  • Load balancing overview

  • Hybrid load balancing

  • Traffic management

  • Internal TCP/UDP load balancers as next hops

  • Cloud CDN

  • Lab: Configuring Traffic Management with a Load Balancer

  • Lab: Caching Cloud Storage with Cloud CD

Module 5: Hybrid Connectivity

  • Cloud Interconnect

  • Cloud VPN

  • Influencing best path selection

  • Network Connectivity Center

  • Lab: Configuring Google Cloud HA VPN

Module 6: Private Connection Options

  • Private access overview

  • Private Google Access

  • Private Service Connect

  • Private services access

  • Cloud NA

  • Lab: Implement Private Google Access and Cloud NAT

Module 7: Network Billing and Pricing

  • Networking pricing

  • Network Service Tiers

  • Billing

  • Lab: Optimising Network spend with Network Tiers

Module 8: Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Monitoring

  • Logging

  • Lab: Resource Monitoring


To get the most out of this course, participants should have:

  • Completed Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure or have equivalent experience

  • Having completed the Networking Fundamentals in Google Cloud quest or
    having equivalent experience.

  • Clear understanding of the 7-layer OSI model

  • Clear understanding of IPv4 addressing

  • Prior experience with managing IPv4 routes

Terms & Conditions

The supply of this course by Lumify Work is governed by the booking terms and conditions. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before enrolling in this course, as enrolment in the course is conditional on acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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