There is a huge interest in AI as organisations and individuals explore its impact on their business and personal lives. As a technology in its commercial infancy, it is vital that we gather the skills today to better align with the needs of tomorrow.

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If you're interested in learning about artificial intelligence, we share some questions you should ask as you decide on the artificial intelligence course that suits you best. Learn about available training to help leverage AI for your business strategy or to specialise in managing and guiding AI programs.

What to expect in an artificial intelligence course

Students can advance their careers or prepare for projects and roles through AI courses. Lumify Work has partnered with leading global vendors to offer a wide range of Data Analytics, AI and Machine Learning training.

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Courses are interactive; experts guide students through the process and hands-on exercises. Some courses include challenges with step-by-step instructions and access to pre-configured environments.

Some students ask about prerequisite skills. We advise that a basic understanding of data management and programming languages like Python, R Programming, Java and C++ is helpful. Our AI and ML technical instructors also say many are drawn to AI through their knack for numbers: mathematics, statistics, calculus, probability and linear algebra.

But apart from Computer Science and Mathematics, the discipline also requires knowledge of how people behave, communicate and interact with systems. So, people from all fields have a chance of getting into AI, bringing something to the table and helping shape future governance and learning pathways.

What to ask when signing up for an Artificial Intelligence Course

When enrolling in an artificial intelligence course, you may consider asking the questions below to gather relevant information and make an informed decision.

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  1. What is the course duration, and how is it structured?
    Is it a self-paced online course or a fixed schedule with live sessions? Some of our AI courses are live instructor-led sessions that last one full day to 4 business days. Other courses are delivered as AI bootcamps where students study independently but meet regularly with instructors and classmates over six months.

  2. Who is the target audience for the AI course?
    Most of Lumify's AI courses are for people wanting to move into AI and ML technology. You don’t need to have any experience using specific platforms, but a basic familiarity with computer technology and the Internet is assumed. Some of the concepts covered in the course require a basic understanding of mathematics, such as the ability to interpret charts.

  3. What topics and subfields of artificial intelligence are covered in the course curriculum?
    The AI Courses available through Lumify will introduce students to designing, implementing, deploying, and maintaining AI and Machine Learning solutions. Courses can focus on platforms like AWS and TensorFlow, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Students can also learn about Natural Language Processing (NLP) workloads and big data.

  4. Are there any assessments or exams during or after the course? How will my progress be evaluated?
    Each AI course at Lumify aligns with a certification. Getting certified requires students to prepare for and pass an exam. Some courses also offer skill assessments to skill up in the job you want. Courses include valued and widely recognised certifications from industry leaders.

  5. What are the qualifications and expertise of the instructors teaching the course?
    Our fully certified trainers utilise the latest authorised courseware to deliver globally recognised courses and certifications. Lumify's pool of technical instructors comprises Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs), Google Certified Trainers, and AWS Authorized Instructors. They work extensively with SQL Server and other platforms.

  6. Is there any additional support available?
    Our AI bootcamp offers job-ready personal development skills. Students can also access content sourced directly from partners. Through Lumify Plus, you can experience a digital environment to support continuous learning. Lumify Plus includes classroom content, additional resources, trainer-designed content and 1:1 consultations.

Available artificial intelligence courses

You can book and sit AI courses in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra and Perth or online with instructors from the tech sector.

This course introduces learners to the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, specifically focusing on the ChatGPT platform developed by OpenAI. This course aims to equip learners with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to effectively use and understand ChatGPT and its various applications.

Microsoft AI-900T00 - Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
Learn fundamental concepts related to artificial intelligence (AI) and the services in Microsoft Azure that can be used to create AI solutions. The course is not designed to teach students to become professional data scientists or software developers. It aims to build awareness of common AI workloads and the ability to identify Azure services to support them. Get a blended learning experience that combines instructor-led training with online materials on the Microsoft Learn platform.

Google Cloud Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals
This introduces the Google Cloud big data and machine learning products and services that support the data-to-AI lifecycle. Explore the processes, challenges, and benefits of building a big data pipeline and machine learning models with Vertex AI on Google Cloud.

Microsoft AI-102T00 - Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution
Designed for software developers looking to build AI-infused applications that leverage Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Cognitive Search, and Microsoft Bot Framework. The course will use C#, Python, or JavaScript as the programming language.

Microsoft AI-050T00 - Develop Generative AI Solutions with Azure OpenAI Service
Learn about Azure OpenAI Service that provides access to OpenAI's powerful large language models, such as GPT, the model behind the popular ChatGPT service. These models enable various natural language processing (NLP) solutions to understand, converse, and generate content. Users can access the service through REST APIs, SDKs, and Azure OpenAI Studio.

Book and sit an AI Course with Lumify

Lumify Work offers Data, AI and Machine Learning courses to help students develop expertise in using powerful tools to find critical insights within a plethora of information. Our fully certified trainers utilise the latest authorised courseware to deliver globally recognised courses and certifications.

Lumify Work is a leading provider of corporate IT training. Visit one of our ten fully equipped training campuses with 90 classrooms in key business centres around Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Full HD video and audio create a virtual classroom experience and access to our pool of expert trainers.

With the Lumify Anywhere platform, you can complete AI courses from the comfort of your home, from one of our campuses – or wherever it suits you best.

Download our eBook to get started with your AI and ML journey.

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