Successful enterprises now accept that aligning IT projects, assets and processes with their business strategies and goals is critical.

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ISACA’s Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT®) is the first and only designation to recognise skilled I&T governance professionals.

As a governance course, CGEIT is unique and framework-agnostic. So, professionals can apply what they learn to organisations in different industries.

CGEIT is the only I&T governance certification to equip an individual with a holistic mindset. This mindset allows them to assess, design, implement and manage enterprise I&T governance systems. Moreover, it instils in them the confidence and capability to align these systems with the big picture business goals.

As the information and technology governance landscape continues to evolve, CGEIT training remains at the forefront. Its relevance has only grown in the past five years, with new guidance, standards, and risks emerging. This underscores the increasing importance of the CGEIT designation and the necessity for robust information and technology governance practices.

Industry Insights and Corporate Governance Trends

Effective governance of enterprise IT is crucial for generating value from technology investments. But data from KPMG suggests more work needs to be done. Only 27% of chief compliance officers strongly agree that their organisation’s compliance function has a change management process. This percentage shows that few incorporate regulatory and legal changes and integrate them into their policies and procedures.

Organisations in all industries must consider ecological, diversity and ethical practices to drive positive change and create long-term value through technology-related initiatives.

ISACA's State of Cyber Security 2023 report highlights the top industries engaged in programs for cyber security and governance. These industries increasingly recognise the importance of sound I&T governance practices. These include:

  • 24% Technology services/consulting

  • 21% Financial/banking

  • 14% Government/military (national/state/local)

  • 9% Others

  • 5% Healthcare/medical

  • 5% Manufacturing/engineering

Moreover, corporate governance trends in regions like Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines emphasise transparency, DEI and community. These regions are adopting governance frameworks that prioritise financial performance and environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

The Code of Corporate Governance issued by the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) in the Philippines aims to steer public companies and registered issuers towards higher standards. These translate to better value propositions for shareholders and customers, minimised risks and increased diversity and sustainability.

CGEIT-certified professionals are well-equipped to navigate these complexities, ensuring their organisations stay ahead in the global market.

These professionals are a driving force for effective governance of all areas of technology. They take on project management roles, while strategically aligning IT with enterprise goals. Parallel to this, they pave the way for accelerated career growth.

According to CIO magazine, CGEIT was among the top 15 IT management certifications. Since 2007, 8,000+ professionals have obtained ISACA®’s Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT® (CGEIT®) certification.

What are the benefits of a CGEIT certification?

At its core, the CGEIT certification is about boosting one’s skills in maximising business value through effective I&T governance. It's not just about getting a credential; it's about gaining a holistic understanding of the complex subject of IT governance. This knowledge enhances your organisation's value from IT, making you an invaluable asset.

LW PH Blog Image CGEIT Training & Certification Aligning IT with Business Objectives

Practice areas addressed in CGEIT training include Governance of Enterprise IT Framework, Management, Benefits Realisation, Risk Optimisation and Resource Optimisation. CGEIT certification validates knowledge IT governance holistically. It enhances the value that the organisation obtains from IT.

Some key benefits of this governance course are:

  1. Reducing Risk
    CGEIT-certified professionals possess the knowledge and experience to support and advance an enterprise's I&T governance. They ensure that IT and business systems operate optimally and efficiently, significantly reducing risk.

  2. Creating a Common Language
    CGEIT holders are adept at translating the board's vision into actionable strategies throughout the organisation -- right down to the operational levels. This ability to create a common language and understanding across different tiers of the organisation is invaluable for cohesive and strategic I&T governance.

  3. Driving Business Success
    From optimising resources to developing strategic initiatives, CGEIT professionals deliver tailored I&T governance systems that maximise the value IT brings to the business. Their expertise ensures that IT initiatives are strategically aligned with business goals, driving overall business success.

  4. Ensuring Preparedness
    Effective corporate IT governance includes establishing robust processes and procedures for business continuity planning and disaster recovery. CGEIT-certified professionals ensure these critical aspects are in place, safeguarding the organisation against unforeseen disruptions.

CGEIT Training and Certification with Lumify Work

For those interested in pursuing the CGEIT certification, Lumify Work offers comprehensive training as an ISACA Elite Accredited Training Partner. Our flexible learning options, including Lumify Anywhere, cater to diverse learning needs and schedules. Engaging with Lumify Work ensures that candidates receive the highest quality training, preparing them for the CGEIT exam.

Speak to your account manager. Get personalised advice and information. Learn how CGEIT certification can benefit your career and organisation.

Access flexible learning solutions. Explore available options through Lumify Anywhere. We want to make it easy for you and your teams to get access to the best learning solutions. Wherever you are, Lumify Work is local to you. We have ten fully equipped training campuses (with 90 classrooms) located in key business centres around Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. If time or distance prevents you from coming to us, we can train your team on your premises or deliver state-of-the-art remote instructor-led training. Full HD video and audio create a virtual classroom experience and access to our expert instructors.

Download the Cyber Security brochure. Learn more about the courses and certifications to enhance your I&T governance skills. Accessing authorised courses and workshops gives you confidence that your team learns with the most up-to-date and industry-recognised information. Lumify offers employee cyber security training and certifications for experienced senior professionals. Discover our available cyber security training with approved training partners, official course material, authorised instructors and global recognition.

By investing in CGEIT certification, professionals and organisations alike can unlock the full potential of their IT governance capabilities, driving business success and ensuring sustainable growth. Embrace the future of I&T governance with CGEIT and maximise the value IT brings to your business.

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