As 2023 ended, we saw that AI was no longer emergent. But instead, it is a part of the mainstream. 69% of organisations report having at least one artificial intelligence project in the works, according to Weka's 2023 Global Trends in AI Report.

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For business leaders still exploring it, how can AI create new and accelerate existing business value? And how can Microsoft Azure AI training programs equip leaders and their teams with the skills to maximise the platforms?

How can leaders create business value with AI?

In the modern business landscape, creating value extends beyond mere profits. It helps drive innovation and product development. Whether by aiding the medical field in pioneering research and diagnostics, enhancing software development with AI copilots or guiding retail customers with personalised recommendations, AI is instrumental in reshaping industries. It stands as a beacon, driving innovation, fostering sustainable growth and setting the trajectory for businesses in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

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AI-driven personalisation can improve sales. But more than that, it can enhance the entire customer experience. From guiding patients to specialists to directing customers toward suitable financial products, AI ensures that businesses meet precise customer needs. Beyond this, virtual assistants and modern call centres – powered by AI – redefine customer interaction by offering more meaningful engagements, thus transforming the customer service landscape.

Accurate, timely and actionable reporting is essential for informed decision-making. AI elevates this process in the manufacturing industry by autonomously collecting and presenting vital data and offering insights, trends and intuitive discovery mechanisms. Instead of sifting through databases, executives can query advanced AI systems to enable proactive responses to challenges, fine-tune strategies and maintain a competitive edge in dynamic markets.

Microsoft's eBook on AI Use Cases for Business Leaders explores this further. But we share some highlights here.

  • Generating New Products and Services
    AI is reshaping product and service creation across industries. In healthcare, for example, AI can assist in faster diagnoses and aid in pioneering medical research, including expediting drug discovery. In financial services, retail and manufacturing, leaders are creating tailored AI models to solve specific industry challenges, such as fraud detection, sustainable retail and manufacturing efficiency.

    By harnessing AI, organisations can not only enhance existing offerings, but also introduce groundbreaking products and services, which can help drive both innovation and business growth.

  • Personalising Customer Experiences
    In today’s marketplace, businesses must meet customer expectations precisely. AI offers a solution that enhances both marketing and customer service. AI can analyse customer behaviour and preferences for retailers to send targeted, hyper-personalised product recommendations that can improve sales and strengthen brand loyalty.

    Beyond marketing, AI-driven virtual assistants and call centres are enhancing customer interactions. One example is in healthcare where AI tools can quickly guide patients to relevant specialists based on their symptoms and medical history. Another is in finance where AI chatbots can direct customers to relevant products based on the details of their financial situation. By integrating AI, businesses can put their customers first with both marketing and service.

  • Better Decision-Making with Intuitive Business Reporting
    Timely, accurate and actionable business reports underpin efficient decision-making for companies. AI can streamline the reporting process for manufacturers by autonomously collecting, processing and presenting relevant data.

    Picture a manufacturing executive seeking a quick overview of the month’s production metrics, supply chain inefficiencies or inventory levels. Instead of trawling through multiple databases or waiting for compiled reports, the executive could query an advanced AI system. This system, equipped with natural language processing, would not only present the required data but could also offer insights, trends and suggestions. Such intuitive discovery mechanisms empower decision-makers with on-demand information, enabling them to proactively address challenges, optimise strategies and stay ahead in a dynamic marketplace.

Access available Microsoft AI Training

If you're looking for programs on AI for business leaders, we present available Microsoft Azure AI training through Lumify Work. Most are designed to give students an overview of the AI services on Azure and how you can use them for creating business value for your customers, team and stakeholders.

Connecting with a Microsoft Learning Partner for additional support

When it comes to AI and AI training, business leaders don't need to figure things out alone. You can look to a partner for guidance, planning and implementation. Lumify Work Philippines (previously DDLS Philippines) is an end-to-end Microsoft Learning Partner.

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Our consultants and account managers will be there as you explore artificial intelligence, how to create business value, the skills your teams and the Microsoft AI training and certification needed. We can support organisations as they work towards big-picture skills development goals while assisting individual staff with Microsoft AI training and exam preparation.

We are a leading provider of corporate IT and process training and an exclusive partner of Microsoft in APAC. We deliver courses in data analytics and Microsoft AI training to help professionals prepare for certification. We pride ourselves on having a large and talented pool of Microsoft Certified Trainers.

You and your department can become Microsoft certified and gain AI skills to add business value with help from a global IT leader. Ask us about a Microsoft course or certification path.

Microsoft's decision to introduce open-book certification exams marks a pivotal moment in professional certification and learning resources. This shift aims to bridge the gap between exam conditions and real-world work scenarios, fostering practical skills and resource management. This transformation aims to keep pace with the evolving nature of education and certification in an information-driven era. As professionals adapt and prepare for these changes, they pave the way for a more skilled and adept workforce that can thrive in the dynamic landscape of technology and business.

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