Security professionals from top organisations rely on OffSec (previously known as Offensive Security) to train and certify their personnel. OffSec curriculum isn't just about technical skills, although they do develop that with rigorous training. OffSec also challenge their students to #tryharder. This means developing a growth mindset, engaging critical thinking skills, and overcoming unforeseen obstacles.

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This attitude of persistence makes OffSec and Lumify Work a match that makes sense when it comes to equipping people with the cybersecurity skills needed to address today's challenges.

You can advance your information security career with industry-leading training from OffSec. Students and those involved in cyber security career development will be keen to learn that the offerings include pen testing training, cloud security training, web application training, exploit development training and security operations training.

Published initially on TechDay Network, the article below provides more details on Lumify Work and OffSec.

Lumify Work joins the OffSec Global Partner programme

Lumify Work, Australia's largest corporate IT and process training provider, has joined the OffSec Global Partner Programme. As an OffSec Gold Learning/Education partner, Lumify Work will deliver interactive, engaging and hands-on cybersecurity training based on OffSec content to the Australia and New Zealand markets.

Lumify Work will provide the full range of OffSec products, including self-paced learning and access to proving grounds providing rigorous cybersecurity training across key portfolios. It includes penetration testing, cloud security, web application, exploit development and security operations.

Lumify Work has an extensive and varied portfolio of over 700 instructor-led technology training courses delivered to over 15,000 students annually in its training facilities, either at offices or remotely. It also provides custom learning solutions and consulting practices for program and project execution.

Lumify Work's services include Lumify Plus, an online learning pathway to extend knowledge beyond courses.

It also offers project consulting practice, which is at the forefront of providing clients relevant and value-adding strategic and tactical programme and project management services.

Lumify Anywhere is the latest in telepresence technology, enabling remote students to attend full HD video and audio classes from anywhere. Now, the company has introduced a new service, Lumify Unschedule, which allows Lumify Work to personalise its schedule just for clients through Lumify Anywhere.

"Our new partnership with OffSec will only serve to strengthen our existing cybersecurity portfolio. As Australia's largest and oldest ICT training organisation, Lumify Work is committed to delivering the most in-demand cybersecurity courses to ensure both professionals and employers alike," says Gary Duffield, Head of Vendor Partnerships at Lumify Work.

“With the cybersecurity threat landscape rapidly evolving, it’s never been more crucial for security professionals to close the skills gap through hands-on training and continuous education."

Notably, OffSec has three major partner types.

Learning partners where OffSec provides live, instructor-led classes to commercial students in the client's setting. Education partners where OffSec teaches and provides OffSec materials to students in college and universities.

Finally, there are channel partners, which have access to resell OffSec's full suite of course offerings, subscriptions and labs.

OffSec partners with value-added and government resellers to offer self-paced online training courses and certifications. The latest addition to this list is Lumify Work.

Sean Donnelly, Head of Channel and Partnerships at OffSec, adds, "OffSec’s aim has always been to provide the best cybersecurity training in the market and assist professionals in meeting their ongoing learning requirements, so I am really pleased that Lumify Work will be working together with us to introduce our cybersecurity training to the A/NZ market, where demand for cyber skills is always high. This is an important opportunity for OffSec to expand its global reach into the region, and we’re excited to have a local industry leader like Lumify Work on board.”

Enquire about OffSec Training with Lumify Work

The team at Lumify Work are committed to supporting organisations as they enable their people with cybersecurity skills and knowledge. Please enquire about our flexible delivery modalities via Lumify Anywhere. We offer cyber security training across our campuses in Australia in Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne; and Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand.

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Lumify Work and OffSec crafted the OffSec Flex Program for organisations that require flexible learning solutions. It gives you the ability to pre-purchase a block of training that you can use throughout the year, as needed. Your Flex Funds can be applied towards any OffSec training or certification products, including Proving Grounds, which is a fully hosted platform that allows employees to sharpen skills and gain confidence in the safety of simulated real-world enterprise infrastructure.

You can find more information on the cybersecurity training we deliver in partnership with OffSec here. Lumify Work is also happy to share an exclusive offer available for Cybercon Melbourne attendees. You can also contact our team to discuss your OffSec training requirements.

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