EC-Council Global Awards 2016

As we look back on what has arguably been our first full year of Certified Ethical Hacker schedules at DDLS and celebrate our prestigious EC-Council Circle of Excellence Global Award, I felt it would be an opportune time to review the year that has passed and look to the future.

Let’s look at why this course is so relevant to security professionals in Australia today and what you have told us about the value we add to the piece.

Information from the 2015 ACSC Cyber Security Survey published by CERT Australia, identifies that the threat landscape faced by Australian business and public sector organisations continues to be extremely challenging. During the year 2014 – 2015 CERT Australia responded to 11,733 separate incidents that impacted Australian businesses, of those, 218 involved systems of national interest and critical infrastructure. Whilst the survey found that organisations are taking action to protect data and networks, it also revealed that there is still scope for further strengthening of security posture with 76% of all organisations taking part in the survey identifying the need for their IT team to further improve security skills.

This skills shortage is also echoed in the Australian Governments’ Cyber Security Strategy that states:

“the most urgent need is for highly-skilled cyber security professionals due to a worldwide shortage in supply of the cyber security skills needed in todays threat landscape.”

And echoed again in the 2015 (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce Study which forecasts a worldwide shortage of over one and a half million security professionals by 2019.

It’s no surprise then that DDLS has seen an increase in demand for Certified Ethical Hacker in the past 12 months, as organisations look to sure up their in-house security skills to prevent falling victim to black hat hackers. Let’s face it – prevention is most definitely better than cure in this arena.

With modern day ransomware attacks you could end up spending a fortune on a third party security firm to come in and assist with the fall out of such an attack – only to discover that there is no fix for the ransomware. Not to mention potential costs if you were to lose IP; time out of business whilst you restore critical infrastructure and, perhaps the hardest to swallow, loss of client faith and the resultant decrease in business.  The statistics published by ACSC highlight that ransomware is the threat of largest concern to Australian businesses taking part in the ACSC survey – with 72% reporting at least one ransomware attack. This attack had impacted every sector that had experienced a cyber security incident.

The need to acquire skills that prevent such threats to your business is apparent and indisputable. But how do you choose the training that will address the knowledge your staff require? By turning to a certification with a proven track record, endorsed by your peers and various international government agencies and accreditation bodies.

And by turning to a course that teaches you the skills you will need to thwart such malicious attacks. What better way is there to understand the threats that malicious hackers pose, than to immerse yourself in their mindset? To witness how they choose their victims, use social engineering techniques to groom them, see the tools they use to exploit any avenue of weakness and then gain an understanding of how they use those tools and witness the impacts that these attack vectors may have on your infrastructure.

Add to this the expertise that only quality, award winning instruction can bring; six months access to EC-Councils iLabs ; and, because we realise the challenges of the CEH exam, practice exams from Boson for the CEH exam.

For the next couple of months DDLS will be offering a Certified Ethical Hacker Certification bundle that includes five days of award-winning instructor-led training, six months access to EC-Council iLabs, practice exams from Boson and the CEH exam voucher.

There really never has been a better opportunity to prepare for this valuable certification by attending training with DDLS.

Have you addressed your security training needs yet?

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