Migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables organisations to transform the way they do business by empowering them to accelerate their speed of doing business, freeing them from the constraints of on-premises data centres, and providing the flexibility to pay only for what they use.

Are you migrating to the cloud soon? Whether you decide to do this in-house or with support from AWS migration service providers, our partners have got you covered with the five-phase migration process along with where you can access AWS training.

The five-phase migration process can help guide your organisational approach to migrating tens, hundreds, or thousands of applications. This serves as a way to envision the major milestones of cloud adoption during your journey.

5 phase

Migration Preparation and Business Planning

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You will want to establish operational processes and form a team dedicated to mobilising the appropriate resources. This team is your Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), and they will be charged with leading your company through the organisational and business transformations over the course of the migration effort. The CCoE identifies and implements best practices, governance standards, automation, and drives change management.

Portfolio Discovery and Planning

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The complexity and level of business impact of your applications will influence how you migrate. Beginning the migration process with less critical and complex applications in your portfolio creates a sound learning opportunity for your team to exit their initial round of migration with:

  1. Confidence they are not practising with mission-critical applications in the early learning stages

  2. Foundational learnings they can apply to future migration iterations

  3. Ability to fill skills and process gaps, as well as positively reinforce best practices based on experience

Application Design + Migration and Validation

A continuous improvement approach is often recommended. The level of project fluidity and success frequently comes down to how well you apply the iterative methodology in these phases.


As applications are migrated, you optimise your new foundation, turn off old systems, and constantly iterate toward a modern operating model. Think about your operating model as an evergreen set of people, processes, and technologies that constantly improves as you migrate more applications.

It's important to equip your team with cloud computing skill sets through this change. Check out some of our AWS Cloud Training Solutions to help you accelerate your business transformation. You can also access our brochure on AWS training and certification options.

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