Originally published on ASEAN Tech & Sec, we recently welcomed Gilbert Cadiang as the head of Lumify Work Manila. We are excited about what he can bring to the table as we continue to provide ICT training in the Philippines.

Lumify Group has announced it has appointed Gilbert Cadiang as Country General Manager for Lumify Work Philippines.

New Lumify Work Manila Country General Manager Gilbert Cadiang

The appointment follows Lumify Work’s expansion into Southeast Asia three years ago with the opening of a training campus in the Philippines to support the local workforce.

Announcing his appointment, Lumify Group CEO Jon Lang said,

“Gilbert has strong leadership skills and experience managing high-performance teams across APAC. He is an expert across technical fields and is a strong people leader with a knack for motivating and engaging teams to work together to achieve best outcomes.”

New Lumify Work Manila Country General Manager ramps up support in the IT industry the Philippines and SEA - Bring teams together - blog image

Cadiang has worked in direct sales, channels, and marketing across verticals such as Digital, Advertising, Tech, BPO, Telco, FSI, Logistics, Government/Education and Pharma/healthcare. He also extensive experience in Solution selling, Consultative Selling, Strategic Account Management and Channel Alliances in B2B, G2B and B2C markets.

Lang added:

“DDLS Philippines started as a small, start-up business. It has flourished and is now a successful and rapidly growing venture. Gilbert will focus on continuing our growth in the region and building on the fantastic platform created by the hard work of the existing team. They have performed incredibly well in a difficult environment.

“We continue to see the Philippines as a growth market for the Lumify Group and I am excited to see what opportunities Gilbert and the team will unlock.

A cloud computing advocate, Gilbert accepted the leadership role because he believes that Lumify Work plays a significant role in the Philippines’ digital transformation journey. He elaborated,

“As part of the organisation and in this dynamic digital environment, I’m inspired because of our greater positive social impact as we deliver on our mission to enable people to thrive in the digital landscape of tomorrow.”

The Philippines is gearing up for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) as evidenced by the government’s DICT EGMP and Digital Transformation masterplan. Gilbert sees Lumify Work as a catalyst of change in cybersecurity, cloud computing, compliance, process improvements, and many more.

New Lumify Work Manila Country General Manager ramps up support in the IT industry the Philippines and SEA - Digital transformation - Blog image

Lumify Work Philippines has successfully delivered Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) to around 2000 students via its market-leading telepresence technology. Over the past three years, it has rolled out new training courses in Cloud Computing, IT Service Management and DevOps, Agile, Data, Analytics & AI, and Cybersecurity.

If you'd like to learn more about how Lumify Work supports business transformation, access our brochure.

Check out the work that Gilbert and Lumify Work Manila do at www.lumifywork.com

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