Today’s public sector faces increasing challenges in delivering successful projects on time and within budget. Many organisations have turned to project management methodologies to address these issues, with PRINCE2® at the forefront. Short for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, it is one of the most widely adopted frameworks. It was developed by the UK Government’s Office of Government Commerce (OGC) and is used internationally.

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According to Deloitte's Government Trends 2023, Governments are working to reduce and even eliminate silos in areas like data, funding, and workforce to pool resources and capabilities. In an age of discontinuity, there is a movement from hierarchies to networks. The goal is to enable intragovernmental collaboration and to grow healthy public-private ecosystems that achieve shared outcomes.

How can booking and sitting a PRINCE2 course support this movement?

Key Advantages of PRINCE2 Training

When using PRINCE2, you'll find that controls lead to fewer errors. It also encourages working groups to keep a lessons log so your team, and possibly future teams from your organisation can learn from past mistakes.

The framework is also adjustable; you can tailor it to any industry, company size, or project size. PRINCE2 also complements other methods in use. We explore the benefits of PRINCE2 training and why many in the public sector are adopting it.

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  • Enhancing Project Efficiency - PRINCE2 is a structured and process-driven approach to project management, offering clear guidelines and well-defined roles for project teams. PRINCE2 training enables public sector organisations to execute projects more efficiently by promoting a common language and standardised practices.

  • Improved Risk Management - Risk management is a critical aspect of project success, particularly in the public sector, where projects often involve significant investments of taxpayers' money. PRINCE2 training equips project managers with a comprehensive risk management approach, enabling them to effectively identify, assess, and address potential risks.

  • Increased Stakeholder Engagement - Projects within the public sector often involve numerous stakeholders, each with unique interests and concerns. PRINCE2 training emphasises the importance of stakeholder engagement and communication throughout the project lifecycle. By defining clear roles and responsibilities for stakeholders, the framework ensures that everyone remains informed and involved, leading to better collaboration and smoother project execution.

  • Greater Project Governance and Accountability - The public sector demands high transparency, accountability, and governance in project management. PRINCE2 training instils a structured approach to project governance, enabling better decision-making processes and improved project monitoring.

The advantages of PRINCE2 training for the public sector are evident. This structured project management methodology enhances project efficiency, mitigates risks, fosters stakeholder engagement, and strengthens project governance and accountability.

Access PRINCE2 Courses with Lumify Work

Project management evolves in line with changes in the way organisations deliver value. PRINCE2 7th Edition rolls out in September 2023. Whilst the principal themes of PRINCE2 6th Edition have not changed, there is now a renewed focus on tailoring to enable agility. It has been expanded with the introduction of people management, including the importance.

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By investing in PRINCE2 training, government organisations in Australia/New Zealand/the Philippines can significantly improve their project management practices and deliver successful community outcomes. You can sign up for PRINCE2 courses from foundation to practitioner through our team. Instructor-led and self-paced options are available.

But which PRINCE2 course should you do? We share insights about each course and what each is suited for.

PRINCE2 Foundation
The PRINCE2 Foundation course includes the Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 (7th Edition) manual and the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam.

After completing the Foundation course, students will get supporting Axelos membership services online. This PRINCE2 course and exam sets students on the path to certification.

If you want to learn about a more structured approach, a PRINCE2 course would be ideal.

This Foundation course usually runs consecutively with PRINCE2 Practitioner as a five-day Combined course at a reduced price.

PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation
Learn about world’s most complete project management solution, combining the flexibility and responsiveness of Agile with the clearly defined framework of PRINCE2.

The new best practice guidance shows how this compatibility can be leveraged by organisations harnessing both PRINCE2 and Agile, equipping them with the required skills and processes to successfully deliver projects to meet customer requirements in today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing business environments.

If your projects involve shorter cycles for implementation and a focus on continuous improvement and feedback, this course is recommended for you.

PRINCE2 and Lumify Work

PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 Agile certifications are developed and managed by PeopleCert, one of the leading players in the global certification industry, with millions of exams delivered in over 150 countries. Training is delivered by accredited training partners like Lumify Work (formerly DDLS).

Lumify Work offers corporate IT and process training in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. We have been delivering Project Management training courses since 1999 for the IT industry and top 100 ASX corporations.

Through the wider Lumify Group, we offer ICT Skilling for public sector workers, job skilling for citizens in partnership with Government agencies and Strategic Advisory support focused on logistics, supply chain management, process and programme and learning and development.

Our interactive training and workshops will give you a solid foundation in the concepts, tools and techniques of Project Management. And with Lumify Anywhere, students can undertake these studies on-site or online – allowing flexible delivery to suit their personal needs and schedule.

Access our guide to project management frameworks like PRINCE2 to learn about which one can support your public sector initiatives. You can also enquire with us about a project management course today.

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