There is little question about the value of Microsoft training and certification for organisations and their team members. But when it comes to planning and implementing such a program, working with a Learning Partner offers more impactful results.

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On an individual level, professionals with Microsoft certification and training through Learning Partners see its positive impact on their work. Skillsoft launched an IT Skills and Salary Survey and discovered that after certification:

  • 49% of respondents felt that the quality of their work had improved

  • 39% of respondents were more engaged with their work

  • and 27% were faster at performing their jobs

Rolling out an effective Microsoft Certification Program

Whether for Microsoft SQL training in the Philippines or Asia, for Azure or Office, you need to ensure a good return on investment for your learning and development initiatives. To do this, you can engage the expertise of a full-service partner.

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Your expertise in assembling and growing the right team is strategic. Combine this with the mapping, coordination and training capabilities of a Microsoft Learning Partner, and you can multiply the effect of your training and certification initiatives.

A Learning Partner like Lumify Work (previously known as DDLS) can help create skilling plans where we identify the skill gaps within your team, how to close them and how to ensure that their training and certification are updated.

From there, we can help you determine which Microsoft certification is best for beginners. Depending on your team members' roles, the answer could be any of the Microsoft Fundamentals courses in Security, Compliance, and Identity, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps (CRM), Windows Server Administration, or Power Platform.

Microsoft Training and Certification Stories

To find out what Microsoft Learning Partners like Lumify Work can do, you can get insights from customers who have benefited most. Watch this video.

Henna M, a Senior Training Specialist of Alaska Airlines, finds that working with a Microsoft Learning Partner offers the benefits of having advocates supporting your learning and development strategy.

"The advantage of working with a Learning Partner is that we have a dedicated consultant who's a true ally in building a culture of continuous learning and upskilling across various roles and departments."

Ridmi S, People Development and Culture at Axiata Digital Labs, explains the value of varied and flexible learning solutions from a Learning Partner.

"After moving to the hybrid working model, we wanted to encourage employees to continue learning by providing them with the flexibility to learn at their own time and pace.”

They were able to manage hybrid work with assistance from a Learning Partner. The partner provided multiple options to support an individual's learning experience, such as hands-on labs, custom content, role-based learning paths, mentoring and discussion groups, reviews (before, during and after the training). Ridmi's team received support with certification prep and exams too.

Microsoft and Lumify Work share the belief that technical skilling is imperative. Our team is committed to enabling people to thrive in the digital landscape of tomorrow. And this requires listening to and having conversations with our customers so we can continuously fine-tune our content, learning modalities, processes and programs to support their digital transformation journey.

Key ingredients to a successful training program

How do you find the best Microsoft Learning Partner for you and your team? In your initial search, you can consider three areas where Learning Partners can impact the most.

During your communications and consultations, you can and should ask your potential partner these simple but essential questions as you consider whether they will be a good fit for your company:

  • Scale. Can they work locally and globally to adapt their programs to your organisation’s needs, such as rolling out learning across different locations and time zones? Lumify Work has a campus in BGC, in Metro Manila in the Philippines and across Australia and New Zealand.

  • Flexibility. Does your learning partner have the flexibility to adapt to your changing requirements and business constraints? Lumify Work's flexible learning solutions include self-paced, self-paced with drop-in sessions, instructor-led, virtual-instructor-led, hybrid, seminar and webinar modalities.

  • Speed. As technology changes monthly, can they keep up with new trends and emerging innovations? Lumify works with a wide range of technology vendors and organisations in 12 course categories. This breadth allows our technical instructors to contextualise their training within the big picture of technology today and in the future.

Partner with Lumify Work for Microsoft Training and Certification

A partner like Lumify Work is your central source for guidance in planning and implementing most of your team's needs. We will be there as you work towards your organisation's and individual team members' long-term and big-picture goals.

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Lumify Work is APAC’s leading provider of corporate IT and process training and an exclusive partner of Microsoft, delivering robust training courses to help professionals prepare for certification. It has a pool of Microsoft Certified Trainers.

You and your team can become Microsoft certified under a global IT leader. Please enquire with us about a Microsoft course or certification path.

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