Trends, Challenges & Opportunities in 2019

2018 marked another twelve months of tech-driven change and digital disruption – both domestically and worldwide. As its sphere ever-widens and increases in complexity, the IT industry continues to operate in a state of flux. From the phenomenal pace at which AI technology is growing and the increasing threat of cybercrime through to the rapidly evolving IT job market, no aspect of the sector remains untouched by change.

But what do these changes mean for those working in the sector day-to-day? How will Australian IT professionals respond to these challenges and opportunities in the year ahead? This report provides a snapshot of the opinions, concerns and predictions of a wide cross-section of IT workers, together with recommendations on how best to leverage the trends that will dominate in 2019 and beyond.

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Here’s a few highlights

01. Challenges in the year ahead

IT Professionals’ Top 3 Concerns

Doing enough to stay ahead of the curve across a number of key areas will be an ongoing concern for IT professionals in 2019.

What do you expect to be your biggest challenges in the year ahead?

Image: Top 3 Concerns

02. Predicting 2019’s Dominant Trends

Evolving our approach to cybersecurity

The Australian cybersecurity sector will triple in size by 2026 to become a $6 billion industry.

Australian Businesses’ Cybersecurity Expertise

Image: Cybersecurity Graphic

03. IT’s growing sphere of influence

Do IT professionals expect IT to become more influential in 2019?

“Changing perceptions are being driven by the increasing uptake of IT in daily life and a more IT-savvy
generation coming into the workforce. This makes my work easier as IT services are embedded in their minds as fundamental.”
Survey respondent.

Factors influencing changing perceptions:

Image: 3-one

Image: 3-two

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