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What is Java and what is it used for?

What is Java?

AWS describes Java as a widely-used programming language for coding web applications. Java has been a popular choice among developers for over 20 years, with millions of Java applications in use today. It is a multi-platform, object-oriented, and network-centric language that can be used as a platform in itself. This programming language is fast, secure and reliable for coding projects of all sizes -- from mobile apps and enterprise software to big data applications and server-side technologies.

What is Java used for?

Because Java is a free-to-use and versatile language, it builds localised and distributed software. Some common uses include:

  • Game Development
    Many popular mobile, computer and video games are built in Java programming, even modern games integrating advanced technology like machine learning or virtual reality.

  • Cloud Computing
    Java is often called WORA (Write Once and Run Anywhere), making it perfect for decentralised cloud-based applications. Cloud providers often prefer Java language when running programs on various platforms.

  • Big Data
    Java is used for data processing engines that can work with complex data sets and massive amounts of real-time data.

  • AI and ML
    Java powers many machine learning libraries. Known for its stability and speed, it supports artificial intelligence application development like natural language processing and deep learning.

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
    Programmers have used Java to set up sensors and hardware in edge devices that can connect independently to the internet.

Why is Java popular among software developers today?

Its ease of use makes it a staple. Other reasons developers continue to choose Java over other programming languages include:

  • High-quality learning resources
    Java has been around for a long time, so many learning resources are available for new programmers. Detailed documentation, comprehensive books and Jave training courses like what is available through Lumify Work in the Philippines support developers through the learning curve. Beginners can also start writing code in Core Java before moving to Advanced Java.

  • Inbuilt functions and libraries
    Developers don’t need to write every new function from scratch. Instead, Java provides a rich ecosystem of in-built functions and libraries to develop various applications.

  • Active community support
    Java has many active users and a community that can support developers when they face coding challenges. The Java platform software is also maintained and updated regularly. Lumify Work has a lively student network that encourages each other as they learn.

  • High-quality development tools
    Java offers automated editing, debugging, testing, deployment, and change management tools. They make Java programming time and cost-efficient.

  • Platform Independent
    Java code can work on any underlying platform like Windows, Linux, iOS or Android without rewriting. This feature makes it powerful in today’s environment, where we want to run applications on multiple devices.

  • Security
    Users can download untrusted Java code over a network and run it in a secure environment where it cannot do any harm. Untrusted code cannot infect the host system with a virus nor read or write files from the hard drive. The security levels and restrictions are also highly configurable.

Why sign up for Java training?

Whether for boosting your career opportunities or to prepare yourself and your team for a project at your organisation, signing up for Java training in the Philippines is a good place to start.

Lumify Work offers Java programming training online or from our campus in BGC in Metro Manila, near Makati.

If you're a software developer, you must do what you love and discover the kind of software development you enjoy. But with 250+ programming languages in use today, there is no debate about how versatile, transferable and in-demand Java is worldwide.

We share some reasons you should learn the programming language:

  1. It is an in-demand programming language.
    In fact, it's top 3 according to the TIOBE Index for May 2023. Along with the demand for Java developers, there is a strong demand for Android developers. Native Android apps use Java as the base language. This demand is a result of the growing market share for Android. Statcounter Global Stats tags Android at 37.57% as of May 2023.

  2. It is beginner friendly.
    The syntax of Java is simple and easy to understand. And it's much easier if you have a basic knowledge of other programming languages. Java has advanced memory management tools. Its Runtime Environment automatically takes care of memory allocation, reallocation and deallocation, enhancing its ease of use. Lumify Work's Java training prerequisites include professional programming experience in C, C++, or C#® and knowledge of Object-Oriented concepts.

    A computer science bachelor’s degree is unnecessary to learn Java syntax. It's the experience that counts. Results from a StackOverflow survey show that only 9.1% of professional developers consider formal education critically essential to become a developer.

    But how long does it take to learn Java? The average time is around nine months; this can include about 4 days of instructor-led training like with Lumify Work. From there, it takes some practice and self-study. For those with previous coding experience, it could take about 1-3 months.

    Regarding how to learn Java, the Lumify course takes you through the basics, including the first Java Program and compiling interpreting applications. From there, you will learn about Eclipse, Language Fundamentals to SQL Programming and Thread Synchronisation and Concurrency.

  3. It is portable and versatile.
    "Write Once, and Run Anywhere" is the fundamental principle behind the programming language. Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is a tool with Java that interprets code written in the user's language into machine-level language, making it easy to compile and execute code.

    Java is a high-level, object-oriented programming (OOP) language. By definition, OOP languages are used to structure classes and create objects (bits of data and code). This gives it the ability to store data in objects.

    For those versed in Java, these mean you can use their skills and knowledge, regardless of the type of host operating system.

  4. It is constant.
    While new technologies may prompt developers to study the latest innovations, going through Java training offers you evergreen skills.

    We mentioned that Java is used in many different kinds of applications. These applications support many industries like Banking and Finance, Social Media and Digital Marketing.

    Many tools have also been developed to support Jave developers, like IntelliJ, Eclipse, Android Studio and Netbeans.

  5. It gives students a competitive edge
    Despite the demand for knowledge in Java programming and its market share, Java developers are rare and sought after. In contrast, there is a saturation of developers knowledgeable in client-side programming languages. The 2020 State of the Bootcamp Industry report shares that a mere 12% of coding bootcamps focus on Java.

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