How many of your developers have AWS certifications?

If your answer is "none at all" or "not enough to support our projects", training programs with various modalities can provide you with upskilling options depending on your team's preferences and logistical requirements.

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  • The Skills Gap (globally and in the Asia Pacific)

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  • Essential cloud skills to strengthen a brand

  • AWS training and certification

  • Overview of AWS certification levels

  • Implementing AWS training and certification programs with Lumify

Reliance on cloud computing is multiplying, driving demand for the skills needed to deploy and manage cloud services and creating a skills shortage.

This shortage is especially acute for organisations that rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the most widely deployed cloud platforms.

Why learn AWS?

Businesses that use AWS cloud computing have increased staff productivity, operational resilience, business agility and cost savings. Read about real case studies of organisations focused on upskilling that supports their investment in AWS.

What are the AWS certifications available out there?

And who on the team should learn? There are four levels of AWS certification: Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Speciality. And discover learning paths for AWS: Architect, DevOps Engineer, Cloud Practitioner, Developer, and Operations. You can also get an overview of ‘Solutions’ pathways tailored to particular solution areas.

How long does it take to learn AWS?

We understand that different organisations have different learning styles, scheduling, and logistical limitations. Small businesses have limited budgets, few staff and multiple tasks. Large organisations require AWS training and certification that follows strict timelines. Find details on Lumify's options, from AWS self-paced labs to bootcamps and public and private training schedules.

Lumify Work Philippines (formerly DDLS Manila) is an Advanced Tier AWS Training Partner with a campus in BGC, Metro Manila, with more across the wider Asia Pacific. Our staff can support you with identifying the most suitable AWS certification and training for different team members.

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