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What challenges are expected in the future in cyber security? One of them is the skills shortage. Learn how organisations address this through cyber security training programs that build a diverse cyber workforce.

Get insights on industry best-practice and solutions, like how many are tapping into artificial intelligence to support their cyber security programs.

The cloud has catalysed an array of technology initiatives with ever-evolving security requirements like “bring your own device” (BYOD), remote working and the internet of things (IoT), extending security needs well beyond the traditional data centre. The major data breaches in 2022 underscores these real risks.

IBM estimates that a single data breach’s global average price tag is US $4.35 million (PHP 242 million).

But the rise in AI and automation offers some assistance. Organisations with a fully deployed AI and automation program could identify and contain a breach 28 days (about 4 weeks) faster than those without, saving US $3.05 million in costs. IBM also notes that the situation is not absolute. Having just a partially deployed AI and automation program is better than none.

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  • Key Cyber Security challenges

  • Equipping People with Cyber Security Skills

  • Cybercriminals Do Not Discriminate by Size

  • Cyber Security in the IoT Age

  • The Cyber Skills Gap

  • What senior leaders can do to meet the challenges

  • AI and Cyber Security

  • What Individuals and end users can do to build cyber security awareness

  • Available cyber security certifications and bootcamps in the Philippines with Lumify Group

  • Available solutions like skills assessments, phishing and awareness and cyber security awareness training

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