Upskilling with project management courses

Are you moving from a technical professional role to leading a project? Project management training courses can help you learn principles for successfully managing tasks and project team members. Access our project management training guide for information on certifications and pathways.

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Project management is a centuries-old concept. Early civilisations used basic forms of project management to build architectural wonders such as the pyramids and the Great Wall of China.

In modern times, the practice has evolved into a highly detailed and refined set of principles and processes, which guide organisations to complete assignments, campaigns, and other initiatives by a specified deadline, with optimum quality and efficiency.

Access our project management course guide as a PDF and:

  • Find the right project management framework and methodology for you

  • Understand different approaches to project management

  • Explore getting a project management certification to progress your expertise from foundations to practitioner

  • Look at how project management works in hybrid and remote arrangements

  • Discover project management training and certification pathways

  • Learn about what's covered in PRINCE2, PMBOK or Agile Project Management courses

  • Learn about tools for managing projects and the end user applications courses you can take to maximise them

  • Find project management courses for small businesses

  • Discover project management course delivery options: instructor-led at your site or at our Lumify campus in BGC, Metro Manila, Philippines or virtual instructor-led from wherever suits you best

Key benefits of getting a project management certification

With information from the project management training guide, you'll appreciate how booking and sitting a course can improve both goal setting and interpersonal skills. And how you can gain in-depth knowledge of the practicalities of project management that can be applied to many aspects of work and life.

  • Practice active listening, communication, coordination, collaboration, and active discussion with stakeholders and teams

  • Learn budgeting, scheduling and estimating required resources

  • Work with others towards a shared objective

  • Learn how to maintain an agile, flexible approach

  • Acquire leadership, stakeholder management, and delegation skills

  • Be able to use the many software applications designed to support every project management methodology with task, time and budget tracking

  • Add value to your resumé and improve your employability

  • Improve your career prospects

Project management in the age of remote and hybrid work

The pandemic has demonstrated and enhanced the value of experienced and professional project managers. Skills such as risk and change management have proven absolutely critical during this period.

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