So, you think you know your stuff? Don’t we all! But how do you prove your knowledge and skills - especially when applying for that next step up in your career?

While your current boss and team may know you kick ass in your field, how do you convince the interview panel for that shiny new job of your skills?

The answer is simple - and you might have guessed it by now (because, as we’ve established already, you know your stuff!): A certification.

Gaining an industry-recognised certification, such as a Microsoft certification, is a sure-fire way to demonstrate your achievements and abilities - and can help advance your career.

Thousands of New Zealand organisations relying on Microsoft technology. This means Microsoft training and certifications, in particular those focussed on cloud computing skills, can prepare you for the roles that employers are looking to fill.

So, let's look at five reasons why a Microsoft certification will make you look great - and kick ass even more:

1.    Recognition from an industry leader

Businesses across New Zealand rely on Microsoft technologies and services to keep mission-critical applications and processes up and running. That creates a high demand for professionals skilled in Microsoft technologies. A Microsoft certification validates your skills and ability to perform in today's digital business world.

2.    Land the job you’ve always wanted

Over half of IT decision-makers believe the main benefits of certified individuals is their ability to help close the organisational skills gap seen in an ever-changing technology environment. Adding a Microsoft certification to your CV can make you stand out and give you the edge you need to get your next job. According to a report by Pearson VUE, 19% of technical professionals say an IT certification helped them land a new job. Gaining a certification also helps you show your commitment to embrace and learn new technologies.

3.    Earn more

Want a bigger pay cheque? Pearson VUE's research shows about 35% of technical professionals say getting certified led to salary or wage increases, and 26% report job promotions. Certified IT professionals are also promoted more than 50% faster than non-certified IT professionals. A higher rate of promotions over time, adds up to big dividends for your career.

4.    Gain credibility in the growing cloud market

Cloud computing skills are in high demand and Microsoft certifications can be your ticket to the growing cloud market. Microsoft Azure accounts for 17% of the worldwide cloud

market and is growing fast. Meanwhile, 58% of IT departments worldwide say Microsoft Azure is a key driver of increased cloud investment. That means gaining a Microsoft Azure certification can help position you to be a part of that growth opportunity. An Azure certification will also give you first-hand experience working with cloud technology, teach you about the intricacies of deploying and developing businesses using all the benefits of the cloud.

5.    A solid foundation

There’s a reason Microsoft certifications are among the most popular certifications held by technical professionals globally. They are designed to do more than just build technical skills and prepare you for roles employers need to fill. Microsoft training and certifications include problem-solving and critical thinking, as well as technical specialisations, hands-on experience and practice requirements, which help you skill up for in-demand jobs. Microsoft's role-based certifications give you a professional edge by providing globally recognised, industry-endorsed evidence of skills mastery, demonstrating abilities and willingness to embrace new technologies in a digital world.

Earning a Microsoft Certification is therefore an investment in yourself and your career. For instance, as we discussed in an earlier post, benefits of becoming Microsoft Azure Certified, include:

·         68% of Microsoft Azure professionals had a salary increase when they last changed jobs

·         Those salaries increased by an average of 23%

·         72% of respondents believed certifications made them more marketable

·         58% of respondents said their certification improved career progression opportunities.

So, whether you want to shine among your peers, boost the bank balance or simply just be better at your job, there are plenty of reasons why a Microsoft Certification can help you kick ass an IT pro.

Done the training? Sit the exam!

While we've trained thousands of people in Microsoft technologies over the past year, that's only one part of becoming certified. Some students are yet to take the final step to becoming certified - sitting the exam.

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