For those who work in Finance and Operations, presenting what the numbers mean and how they impact the business is key to moving things forward. For one of our learners, this meant building expertise with Microsoft Power BI training.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

And how do you use it? An interactive data visualisation software product, it is an industry leader and one of the largest and fastest-growing business intelligence cloud solutions, used by over 35,000 companies worldwide.

Its primary focus is to support decision making. It gives teams a timely pulse on their performance. And reporting is interactive to allow users and viewers to easily connect to and model organisational and public data.

How do you learn Power BI?

You can find self-paced online courses for Power BI including those that offer a hands-on guided approach.

But end users can also access in-person and instructor-led or virtual instructor-led training that will allow you to explore the tool further. Through these modalities, participants learn how to use the Power BI tools by following a simple workflow for designing, developing, deploying and sharing reports and dashboards.

The Power BI Fundamentals course runs for 2 days. It has no prerequisites so you can sign up even with little to no experience of using the tool. Of course, having a background in setting up and presenting data using Excel and spreadsheets helps.

For those specialising in data analytics, you can look to studying Power BI's more technical features through courses like Microsoft PL-300T00. This course runs for 3 days and covers methods and best practices for accessing, processing and analysing data. It includes guides on how to implement proper security standards and policies across the Power BI spectrum including datasets and groups.

Ashlea's Microsoft Power BI Training Experience

In February 2022, Ashlea Androvich completed our Microsoft Power BI Fundamentals course. We appreciate that she took the time to share her feedback on the training and how it impacted her role.

Ashlea currently works as an Accounts Payable (AP) specialist in the Finance team of a community organisation that provides aged care, disability and mental ill-health support in Western Australia. Her daily work involves managing expenses and payment schedules for suppliers and vendors.

For her, it's all about the data and how it is mapped out and arranged to create reports that get the message across and that support the team in coming up with the best dispositions and actions.

  1. How did you come up with the idea of getting Power BI training?
    I have worked with a couple of companies that have started using Power BI for the company’s analytics and have always been curious. I have only had contact with Power BI through Finance analytics.

    For the most part, I enjoy learning new ways to present information as not all people have the eyes for Excel spreadsheets. This really helps to get the correct information across.

  2. What was your training experience like?

    Very low level. No creating of reports at all. I had only ever played with a published report. So, just seeing all analytics was right there was so exciting.

  3. Any key takeaways from the training that stuck with you even today?

    It's all about the data. If your data is incorrect then you will come across problems.

  4. How has the training impacted your work?
    Since doing the course, if I need to create a new spreadsheet in Excel, I will now have in the back of my mind if it's going to be compatible with a Power BI report.

    My heading, workings, the information I need to drill down on -- it’s all relevant to getting the best out of the report.

Add value to your reports with Microsoft Power BI training

Going through training and gaining a Microsoft Power BI certification have plenty of benefits for both professionals like Ashlea as well as businesses.

Individuals boost their job confidence, get qualifications for career advancement, and can add more value. It ensures that teams have the right people with the right capabilities to help them move their company and community projects forward.

Lumify Work (previously known as DDLS) is Australia’s leading provider of corporate IT and process training and an exclusive partner of Microsoft, delivering robust training courses to help professionals prepare for certification. It has a pool of Microsoft Certified Trainers and additional campuses in the Philippines and New Zealand.

Courses are designed for certification paths under Power BI, Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, SQL Server, Visual Studio, and Windows Server. Students will explore key concepts as well as practical skills, equipping them for successful exam performance. Learn more when you access our brochure on Microsoft certifications.

These are delivered through our Lumify Anywhere platform, helping you train according to your schedule and logistical needs (in person, virtual or hybrid). Get certified for Microsoft under a global IT leader today, and enquire with us on a Data Analytics course or certification path.

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