HR and Procurement teams in New Zealand face many challenges in sourcing and nurturing talent. But the good news is support is available to help you discover talent and accelerate success. Tap into a pool of skilled graduates from Lumify Edge to fast-track your next project.

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Data from the EMA (Employers and Manufacturers Association) Skills Shortage Survey for 2023 paints a sobering picture for IT recruitment:

  • 90% of businesses struggle to fill vacancies.

  • 30% of businesses had been advertising for vacancies for over six months – half a year of missing components while trying to meet business goals.

  • 44% of respondents said that filling vacancies and talent gaps has worsened in the last six months, with just 22% saying that things have improved.

  • 71% of businesses need more people with technical skills.

  • 72% of job applicants need more basic digital skills.

Lumify Edge aims to reduce this difficulty by offering IT recruitment assistance. Our pool of certified IT professionals can help you find your next team member or even an entire team.

To find your talent at Lumify Edge, sign up here, contact us at [email protected] or read on below.

Top IT recruitment challenges

Statistics NZ 2023 presents an overview of the New Zealand Tech sector and its contribution to the country's economy. Data shows the industry has 23,433 companies, 118,070 employees, 1,752 new firms, 8,1% growth and a NZ $20 billion or 8% contribution to the national GDP.

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The sector also opened 6,880 new jobs, with each tech job creating 4.8 new jobs. This data on jobs and the fact that job ads sit for six months should prompt employers to be more meticulous about IT recruitment. Internal managers, team leaders, HR and P&P teams must review their internal process or discuss questions like "Is it worth using a recruitment agency?" Or perhaps you can explore more options with a trusted training partner like Lumify Group that includes Lumify Work New Zealand (formerly Auldhouse).

New Zealand’s tech sector is both diverse and advanced. It serves as a breeding ground for innovation and competes successfully on the world stage.

Despite this optimism, insights from Randstad indicate the top IT and project management talent concerns keeping hiring managers awake at night are:

  • Dealing with a skills shortage: The demand for skilled and experienced technology professionals has increased. According to the EMA Skills Shortage Survey for 2023, 71% of respondents said that highly skilled jobs were the hardest to fill. Hays lists roles like DevOps Engineer, Solutions Architect, Cloud Engineer, and Project Manager as the most in-demand in New Zealand. Moreover, organisations now seek professionals with a mix of technical ability, industry experience, business acumen, and strong communication skills to navigate future challenges.

  • Searching for National and Global Talent: Organisations are expanding their search geographically due to the scarcity of local tech talent. They are looking beyond state or regional boundaries and even considering global talent. Remote work, facilitated by technology, allows for communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing across borders.

  • Competing for ICT and Project Management Talent: More data from the EMA Skills Shortage Survey for 2023 found work readiness skills in NZ are a considerable issue, with communication skills (83%), initiative (73%), teamwork (66%) and problem-solving (66%) being at the top of the list. So, it is rare to find tech professionals with years of experience, suitable internships, ICT certifications and demonstrable communication skills. When you find them, offering a compelling overall benefits package is essential. Reviewing market rates and packages of competing organisations is critical to creating this offer.

  • Optimising the IT recruitment process: To ensure the best talent doesn’t get snapped up by rival businesses, employers, particularly in the world of tech, need to consider how to simplify their IT recruitment process. We’re seeing companies already using such a scaled-down recruitment process for specific positions, and this approach brings advantages to both the employer and the candidate. Leveraging technology and services for sourcing, screening, and assessing candidates is crucial. Lumify Work offers services like SFIA Skills Mapping with SkillsTX and AWS Learning Needs Analysis to identify existing or potential team members’ skills and training requirements.

  • Rapidly changing requirements: 37% of employers in the Randstad survey cited the impacts of technology on the workforce as an IT recruitment challenge and 31% cited rapid shifts in skill requirements. Employers are therefore recruiting tech talent who not only fulfil a specific need of today but are futureproofed to stay relevant in future. This means looking at how a candidate’s skills have changed over time to establish their level of adaptability and willingness to upskill through advanced ICT certifications.

Accelerate ICT and Project Management recruitment success

Lumify Group is excited to introduce Lumify Edge, a free job board and talent portal. Soft launched in 2023, our team designed and iterated this to connect students to potential employers. Students can access the tools they need to launch a fulfilling and well-paid IT career through the platform.

Often, these students are career starters or changers looking to boost or validate their expertise through vendor-certified ICT training.

For students, this 3-step program involves:

  • Rebranding: We offer professional resume and portfolio services to help students present their skills and certifications clearly and compellingly.

  • Lumify Edge Portal: Students can access available jobs and internships, including those you add based on your organisation's staffing requirements, through our partner network.

  • Internships: Students can participate in our Study & Work internship program with corporate partners to gain real-world experience.

For organisations, the Lumify Edge Job Board provides unparalleled advantages:

  • Cost-Effective Talent Acquisition: Save time and resources on IT recruitment processes with free access to our job posting platform, ensuring a swift and efficient hiring process. Our tool is free of charge, allowing you to allocate your resources strategically while accessing top-tier IT talent.

  • Effortless Job Advertisement: Simplify your recruitment efforts with our streamlined platform. Easily advertise your open IT positions to a pool of qualified candidates, saving you time and effort.

  • Direct Access to Graduates: How long does it take for a recruitment agency to get back to you? For candidates and employers, the average is typically 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the role's complexity and the required seniority level. With Lumify Edge, you can gain exclusive access to a curated talent pool of IT graduates trained through reputable programs within our group. Review their profiles and connect with them directly if they match your requirements.

  • Customised Talent Incubator: Tailor your talent acquisition strategy to your organisation's specific needs. Communicate your requirements to us, and our team can assist with each step of the IT and Project management process—from scouting and training to delivering the skilled professionals you need. This can also include employer webinar sessions to targeted cohorts to amplify your recruitment outcomes.

Lumify Group is committed to building long-term partnerships with businesses, offering ongoing support and guidance to address your evolving talent needs. We look forward to supporting your HR and Procurement teams in achieving your goals.

Ready to learn more? Don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] to schedule a meeting. Our team can provide you with all the information you need to leverage this incredible resource for your organisation's success. Or visit to learn more.

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