Microsoft has announced significant changes to its Software Assurance Training Voucher (SATV) programme. Here's what the changes are and how they will impact your SATV planning and usage.

What do you need to know?

Microsoft, in conjunction with Auldhouse as their learning partner, is investing in new training and certification offerings and programmes to drive upskilling at scale with customers and partners.

While Software Assurance Training Vouchers are being retired, you can still create and use training vouchers until January 2022, except for Azure training, which will be removed from the course catalogue in February 2020.

These are the significant dates leading up to the retirement of training vouchers:

  • February 2020: Azure training will be retired from the training voucher catalogue

  • February 2021: End to accrual of new training days

  • June 2021: Last day to create training vouchers

  • January 2022: Last day to redeem training vouchers

IMPORTANT: Although vouchers will not be redeemable on any Azure training after February 2020, you can still use your vouchers for Microsoft 365, Windows Server, SQL, SharePoint, Power BI and many other Microsoft classes until January 2022.

You have just 4 months to use SATVs for Azure training - redeem them now!

Since Azure training will be retired from the training voucher catalogue in February 2020, we have added additional Azure classes to our national schedule - and don't forget, if you are in the regions you can attend any of our Azure classes remotely using our Auldhouse Anywhere live online solution.

Here's what's coming up:

(Auckland - A, Wellington - W, Christchurch - C, Live Online - AA):

AZ103 Azure Administrator, 4-Days (4-day voucher) 08-11 Oct (A, AA), 21-24 Oct (C, W, AA), 04-07 Nov (A, AA), 11-14 Nov (W, AA), 03-06 Dec (C, AA), 10-13 Dec (A, AA), 21-24 Jan (C, W, AA), 28-30 Jan (A, AA)

AZ300 Azure Architect Technologies, 5-Days (5-day voucher) 23-27 Sep (A, AA), 30 Sep-04 Nov (W, AA), 25-29 Nov (A, AA), 20-24 Jan (A, AA), 27-31 Jan (W, AA)

AZ301 Azure Architect Design, 4-Days (4-day voucher) 18-21 Nov (A, AA), 03-06 Dec (W, AA), 28-31 Jan (A, AA)

AZ203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure, 5-Days (5-day voucher) 11-15 November (A, W, C AA), 16-20 December (A, W, C, AA)

AZ500 Azure Security Technologies, 5-Days (5-day voucher) 02-06 Dec (A, AA)

DP100 Design/Implement a Data Science Solution on Azure, 3-Days (3-day voucher) 11-13 Dec (A, W, C, AA)

DP200 Implementing an Azure Data Solution, 3-Days, (3-day voucher) 23-25 Sep (A, AA), 21-23 Oct (W, AA), 21-23 Jan (W, AA), 20-30 Jan (A, AA)

DP201 Designing an Azure Data Solution, 2-Days (2-day voucher) 26-27 Sep (A, AA), 24-25 Oct (W, AA)

Contact us today to learn more about the changes and how Auldhouse can help you meet your Azure training and certification goals.

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