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TL500 - Red Hat DevOps Culture and Practice Enablement

  • Length 5 days
  • Price  NZD 6800 exc GST
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Why study this course

This immersive master class offers you the opportunity to experience and implement the cultural shift that a successful DevOps adoption journey demands.

Most agile training offerings focus on a particular framework or are directed at just delivery or just technology, but this course combines the best tools from many leading frameworks. The curriculum blends continuous discovery and continuous delivery together with cultural and technical practices into a unique, highly engaging experience, packed with real-world applications.

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What you’ll learn

As a result of attending this course, you will have experienced DevOps culture, been exposed to numerous DevOps practices, and implemented a small application using what you’ve learned. You should be able to demonstrate these skills:

  • Understand and implement multiple open practices

  • Deploy a small multi-tiered application to an OpenShift cluster

  • Work as an effective member of an agile team

  • Discover, prioritise, and document desired software features and functionality

  • Develop software using pair and mob programming styles

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Red Hat at Lumify Work

Red Hat is the leading provider of open source, enterprise IT solutions. Lumify Work is proud to offer clients the ability to attend over 40 official Red Hat training courses through a resell agreement with Red Hat. Maximise the return on your Red Hat technology investment with lab-intensive, Instructor-Led Training run by Red Hat themselves. Alternatively, for those unable to attend training, log in and learn with Red Hat Online Learning.

Who is the course for?

This experience demonstrates how individuals across different roles must learn to share, collaborate, and work toward a common goal to achieve positive outcomes and drive innovation. Business product owners, developers, site reliability engineers, and engineers will especially benefit from experiencing this scenario, which includes some technical aspects that rely on working with software systems. You will know how to deliver continuous value to customers through an enhanced understanding of changing customer needs and the ability to more rapidly get new ideas to market. Our instructors will share experiences and best practices learned from engaging directly with customers during Red Hat services engagements.

Course subjects

What is DevOps?

  • Brainstorm and explore what principles, practices, and cultural elements make up a DevOps model for software design and development

Collaborative practices to establish culture and shared understanding

  • Learn and experience practices that facilitate great conversation and alignment across stakeholder groups such as priority sliders, pair programming, mob programming, conducting retrospectives, visualising work, assessing team sentiment, and performing agile estimation

Understanding the Why and Who of software delivery

  • Use the impact mapping discovery practice to connect deliverables to measurable impact

  • Learn how to use human-centred design, design thinking, and Lean UX to develop empathy with users and stakeholders

Domain-driven design and storytelling

  • Learn and practice the powerful Event Storming tool to visualise and map event-driven systems to produce emergent architectures for iterative and incremental delivery

Prioritisation and pivoting

  • Experience the collection of ideas, aligning them to target outcomes

  • Using economic prioritisation practices and value slicing to build product backlogs that can deliver incremental value

Agile practices

  • Cover agile delivery practices, including Kanban, Scrum, sprint planning, daily standup, showcase, retrospective, and backlog refinement

Design of experiments

  • Set up, execute, and measure the results of experiments by utilising platform’s advanced deployment features including A/B Testing, Blue/Green Deployments, Feature Toggles, Dark Launches, and Canary Deployments

Value stream and process mapping

  • Delve into the practices of value stream mapping and metric-based process mapping to establish non-functional improvements that you can make to product delivery and execution of value streams

Continuous integration, deployment, and delivery

  • Explore the foundational practices of continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous delivery

Non-functional requirements

  • Learn how to elaborate non-functional areas that are unlikely to be captured by using practices primarily focused on the functional aspects of a solution


  • Develop an understanding of test-driven development and business-driven development foundational practices, often called automated testing

Everything as code and GitOps

  • Explore continuous integration / continuous delivery pipelines using Jenkins and Tekton

  • Using a GitOps approach to codify everything for repeatability

  • Experience how to extend pipelines to cover non-functional testing, monitoring, and observability


  • Knowledge of agile practices is helpful

  • Experience using agile practices and methodologies such as scrum is beneficial


Lumify Work offers certification and training in Enterprise Linux, Ansible, JBoss, OpenShift, OpenStack, and more through our partnership with Red Hat. This arrangement requires Lumify Work to provide your details to Red Hat for course and/or exam registration purposes.

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