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Oracle Database PL/SQL (OCPS)

  • Length 3 days
  • Price  NZD 3500 exc GST
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Why study this course

Oracle Database PL/SQL is a complete, hands-on course presenting the fundamental principles of PL/SQL, the Oracle® database’s procedural language extension to SQL.

In this course, you will explore development environments, best practices, and design principles used to create reusable program units, such as procedures and functions used to implement business logic and provide additional data validation.

This course assumes basic SQL knowledge. Oracle Database SQL course or similar knowledge is a recommended prerequisite.

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What you’ll learn

After completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Identify the programming extensions provided by PL/SQL

  • Write code to interface with an Oracle database

  • Use PL/SQL programming constructs to implement business logic

  • Use built-in, and user-defined data types

  • Handle runtime errors

  • Create reusable program units

  • Understand PL/SQL best practices

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Who is the course for?

Anyone seeking to learn the fundamental principles of PL/SQL, the Oracle database’s procedural language extension to SQL.

Course subjects

  1. Introduction to PL/SQL

    • About PL/SQL

    • PL/SQL Block Structure

    • Anonymous Blocks

    • Enabling Output

  2. Declaring PL/SQL Variables

    • Variables

    • Identifier name requirements

    • Declaration and initialisation

    • SQL and PL/SQL Data Types

    • Data Type Conversion

  3. Writing Executable Statements

    • PL/SQL Block Syntax

    • Comments

    • Use of SQL Functions in PL/SQL

    • Using Sequences in PL/SQL blocks

    • Operators

  4. Using SQL Statements within a PL/SQL block

    • DML statements usage in PL/SQL

    • Implicit cursors

    • Cursor attributes SQL%FOUND, SQL%NOTFOUND, and SQL%ROWCOUNT

  5. Writing Control Structures

    • If Statement

    • Case Expressions

    • Basic Loop

    • For Loop

    • While Loop

    • Continue and Exit

  6. Working with Composite Data Types

    • PL/SQL records

    • %ROWTYPE attribute

    • Introduction to Collections

  7. Using Explicit Cursors

    • Controlling Explicit Cursors

    • Cursor declaration

    • Fetching Data from cursors

    • Cursor For Loops

    • Explicit Cursor Attributes

  8. Exceptions Handling

    • Understanding Exception with PL/SQL

    • Trapping an Exception


    • Predefined Exceptions


  9. Stored Procedures

    • Benefits of code modularisation

    • Stored Procedure definition

    • Creating and compiling procedures

    • Calling a procedure

    • IN, OUT, and IN OUT parameter modes

    • Default parameters

  10. Functions

    • Functions definition

    • Procedures and Functions comparison

    • Creating and invoking a function

    • Calling User-Defined functions in SQL statements

  11. PL/SQL Packages

    • Advantages of Packages

    • Package specification

    • Package body

    • Invoking package subprograms

  12. Database Triggers

    • Defining triggers

    • Trigger event types

    • Using conditional predicates

    • CALL statements in triggers

    • Statement-level and row-level triggers

    • Using OLD and NEW qualifiers

    • INSTEAD OF triggers


  • This course assumes basic SQL knowledge

  • Oracle Database SQL course or similar knowledge is recommended

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