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Professional Negotiation and Influencing

  • Length 2 days
  • Price  NZD 2675 exc GST
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Why study this course

This fast-paced and intensive negotiation training course will significantly enhance your negotiation and influencing capability. You’ll gain insights into human behaviour and the frameworks, tools and techniques that will allow you to best achieve your objectives.

You’ll become better at:

  • Understanding what really drives the other party

  • Knowing how to adapt your negotiating style

  • Identifying and employing tactics and counter-tactics

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What you’ll learn

  • Aspirational negotiation range setting

  • Identify hidden agendas and alter the balance of power

  • Structure and use language to create cooperation

  • Build flexibility in your negotiating style to achieve specific objectives

  • Prepare more systematically to your advantage

  • Identify and use tactics to alter the balance of power in negotiations

  • Strategically build common ground

  • Major case study and review

  • Develop action plans for skills retention

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Lumify Work is proud to partner with ENS for the delivery of virtual and face-to-face negotiation advice, support, and training. In the past four decades and across over 70 countries, ENS has established a reputation as a trusted negotiation partner for some of the world’s largest organisations, including PwC, Johnson & Johnson, Adidas, and Woolworths.
ENS is part of the EdventureCo Group, as is Lumify Work.

Who is the course for?

Anyone interested in improving or developing their skills in the area of negotiations.

Course subjects

Course Structure

  • Customise the course content to address your individual needs

  • Provide in-depth understanding of the ENS model and practical learnings

  • Embed the skills gained to deliver long-term benefits to participants

Before stepping into an ENS program, an online survey provides insights to your negotiation experience, challenges and areas of interest. This information is used to tailor the course to your individual needs. This is an important step in the ENS learning journey to ensure that we’re providing the growth and development you really need.

During the course
This course is a fast-paced and intensive two-day training course which builds your negotiation and influencing capabilities through hands-on experiential exercises. You’ll be introduced to the commercially acclaimed ENS Negotiation Process Frameworks, techniques and methodologies. Topics in this course include: how to use the ‘secret strategy’, how to identify and employ effective negotiation tactics, adapt your communication style, and manage negotiations to achieve your objectives.

You’ll develop a personal action plan to lock-in major learnings. Reinforcement emails reflect on your experience and enable implementation. Once the training is complete, you’ll revisit the concepts and practises covered to ensure they become embedded in everyday scenarios. Our training partner ENS provides an e-newsletter which analyses negotiation practises currently happening around the world and offers insights and useful tips so you can apply them to your own scenarios.


There are no prerequisites to register for this course.

Industry Association Recognition

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

All ENS Negotiation and Influencing Courses are independently accredited by the CPD Standards Office. The CPD Standards accreditation operates internationally and meets the CPD requirements and expectations for all professional bodies, regulators, and membership organisations across the globe.


Lumify Work promotes courses which are delivered by ENS; both companies are part of the EdventureCo Group. This arrangement requires Lumify Work to provide your details to ENS for course and/or exam registration purposes.

Terms & Conditions

The supply of this course by Lumify Work is governed by the booking terms and conditions. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before enrolling in this course, as enrolment in the course is conditional on acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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