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Certification Pathway

Learn Anytime, Anywhere.

These self-paced, online training courses are tailored to prepare you for industry-recognised certification exams.

Our 100% self-paced but interactive training approach ensures convenience and efficiency. No need to compromise on your daily commitments – you have the power to dictate the pace of your learning journey to ace that exam.

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Flexible Learning Experience

A journey to a flexible learning experience, a journey to get certified

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Learning progress analytics and reporting

We believe that data-driven decisions lead to better learning outcomes. Our robust analytics and reporting tools empower learners, instructors, and administrators to track progress, identify trends, and optimise the learning experience.

Accredited training with exceptional pass rates

Our accredited training programs are meticulously designed for one purpose: to ensure your success in certification exams. With exceptional pass rates, you’ll be well-prepared to achieve your professional goals.

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Empower your workforce

Lumify is your partner in realising the full potential of your team's capabilities through the right learning experience.