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Across nearly every industry, organisations are discovering a greater need to empower every employee with cloud security skills. Data is being used in more places, for more purposes, and by more partners in the digital ecosystem. These factors, along with an increase in remote work, are requiring businesses to view cloud security as an organisational imperative—one that is the responsibility of everyone in the business, not just those with “security” in their job titles.

  • For developers, analysts, and DevOps, security is part of their core responsibility.

  • For security professionals, expanding skills and keeping them current is of vital importance.

  • And for executives and non-technical staff, AWS security awareness training enables greater productivity and collaboration, allowing everyone in the organisation to communicate in a shared language and work together to complete cloud projects faster and more effectively.

Business transformation is being driven by the relentless speed of technology. The ability to adapt in the digital age relies on your investment in the best technology. But more than that, it requires your people to have the skills to use technology effectively.

DDLS is an official AWS Training Partner for the Australian and Philippines region. Through our Authorised AWS Instructors, we can provide you with a learning path that’s relevant to you and your organisation, so you can get more out of the cloud. We offer virtual and face-to-face classroom-based training to help you build your cloud skills and enable you to achieve industry-recognised AWS Certification.

AWS recognises the growing need for organisation-wide security skills. We are dedicated to keeping security our top priority—and helping your organisation prioritise security, as well.

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