Lumify Group (formerly DDLS Group with Auldhouse) delivers learning solutions to help your people and organisation stay ahead of the technology curve, now and in the future. Get information on our data analytics, AI and Machine Learning training courses when you access our brochure.

Turning Data into Business Insights

Organisational datasets continue to expand exponentially, especially in 2023 and beyond when regular day-to-day objects can collect data. There are two main drivers for data production at this stage: the digital services offered by stakeholders from the public and private sectors and their use at scale by millions of ordinary people or end users. This means that the demand for Business Intelligence (BI) is greater than ever before. Data – both real-time and accumulated - have played a key role in guiding policies.

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Movements and Shake-ups

Google Cloud’s 2023 Data and AI Trends Report features five critical movements, from destroying data silos to ushering in an age of open data. These trends cover questions like:

How can AI and machine learning (ML) help cyber security?

Learn about the in-person and online courses you can take for AI and cybersecurity to determine what kind and what extent of data you have to secure it.

How are organisations rethinking their BI and analytics strategies?

One reason for slow adoption stems from a need for more trust in the reports and tools. Traditional reports often deliver inconsistent or inaccurate data as a result of stale copies and siloed tools.

What are the best courses for Data Analytics?

Lumify Group - from Lumify Work (formerly Auldhouse), Lumify Learn and Nexacu - offers data analytics courses and AI courses NZ. These include software-specific AI and data analytics courses and Machine Learning training in collaboration with vendors like AWS, Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Cisco, Red Hat and Google Cloud.

We can work with you to determine the best Data Analytics and AI training courses based on your BI and analytics strategy. From there, we can train your teams to use powerful technology tools to find critical insights from within an ever-growing mountain of information. Our mission is to enable people to thrive in the digital landscape of tomorrow. This includes creating safe spaces and prioritising data governance.

Students can learn virtually or onsite at our campus in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Why choose Lumify for Data, Analytics and AI Training?

Learn more when you complete the form and access our brochure. But here are a few reasons:

  • Approved training partner with all leading vendors

  • Globally recognised courses and certifications

  • Flexible training modalities including classroom training, on-site training and remote learning

  • Custom training solutions to meet your specific needs, and guidance on learning pathways

Do data analytics, AI and machine learning training require a lot of maths?

And are they difficult and stressful? As with any career in science and technology, they require a strong background in mathematics. Brush up and improve on your maths skills as you deepen your expertise.

The work can be stressful sometimes but this depends on your company culture, the projects and your personal style. You can mitigate challenges with solid training.

The return on your investment is great. Data analysts, AI specialists and machine learning scientists are some of the most sought-after professionals.

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