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Phishing emails are a major business problem as they cause financial losses, reputation damage, legal liability, and productivity loss.

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Phishing attacks can damage a business's reputation, as it may lead to the compromise of sensitive customer or employee data. This can result in a loss of trust from customers and partners, which can have long-lasting effects and lead to financial losses, damage to reputation, legal liability, and productivity loss. In 2022, The average cost of a data breach associated with phishing was USD 4.91 million. (Source: IBM Cost of Data Breach Report 2022).

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Cofense PhishMe conditions users to recognise and report bad emails, uniting your human defenders in the fight against email threats.

How Cofense PhishMe Works

Cofense PhishMe is a SaaS platform that immerses users in a real-world experience. The solution’s customisable scenarios simulate the most relevant threats, like BEC (Business Email Compromise), and provide instant, relevant education to users who are the most susceptible to these attacks. Cofense patented technology provides an unmatched range of cyber-attack themes, content, and customisations. It delivers detailed analysis and reporting for each scenario. The Cofense customer support team ensures your exercises are conducted in a controlled manner that does not compromise security or create backlash.

PhishMe - Relevant, Efficient, Confident

Cofense PhishMe Playbooks provide a series of prepared scenarios, landing pages, attachments, and educational content to run throughout the year which saves you time when it comes to setting up and deploying. With multiple Playbook support, you can easily execute simulations programs for different regions, languages, or competency levels. With Responsive Delivery, you can maximise user engagement by delivering simulations only when users are active in their inbox. This also eliminates technical and time zone related scheduling issues. Automate user provisioning, updates, and deprovisioning of PhishMe recipients from your organisation’s user directory service using Recipient Sync.

PhishMe - Capabilities Matrix

Cofense PhishMe customer success:

“We use Cofense PhishMe phishing awareness program for its effectiveness, efficiency, and reporting. The functionality of Cofense PhishMe immediate feedback when a user clicks a phishing link with in-depth reporting capabilities helps us to use behavior analysing and take immediate action. The Cofense PhishMe templates (including different languages) to customise the educational campaign are very useful.” - Supervisor in Quality Assurance, Telecommunications Company, 501-1000 employees

“Service - it isn't just another tool you need to operate. Cofense service includes an assigned professional who can advise, suggest, discuss with you the best approach for your user base, and operate the tool on your behalf.” - Manager in Information Technology, Chemicals Company, 10,001+ employees