“When I was told my course would be ran Remotely I was a bit nervous. I didn’t think it would be very interactive and felt I’d miss out on the class room environment. Previously, I’d not been able to attend this course, as there weren’t enough people attending here in Adelaide, so I figured I’d see how it went.

I was very impressed. With the use of their Cisco Telepresence / Webex, I was extremely happy with how the experience felt. I was able to interact with not only the Trainer in the remote class, but also with the Students. Bouncing ideas, questions and experiences with everyone.

This will hopefully mean Adelaide ICT professionals gaining access to more trainers and courses from around Australia. I know I wont hesitate to do a course at DDLS, especially if it’s being ran via Telepresence.”


“I have experienced some horrible remote classroom scenarios, but I can say that was not the case with my experience at DDLS. The remote classroom technology provided an immersive classroom environment where I felt included even though the facilitator and other students were remote. This allowed for the facilitator to deliver the course materials effectively and when necessary remotely assist to resolve issues in the labs. I have already forwarded feedback to my work colleagues that this current setup will deliver far beyond their expectations.”