In this era of widespread cloud adoption, a solid foundation in cloud fundamentals is valuable for a wide range of employees. For IT experts like you, training often leads to the ultimate validation of your skills: a technical certification.

Certification from Amazon Web Services (AWS)—AWS Certification—gives you six tangible benefits that help you showcase your achievement and further advance your career in the cloud.

You’ll gain new skills

6 reasons why you should pursue an AWS certification  gain new skills min

Whether you are new to cloud technology or want to increase your skills, AWS Certifications help you learn what you need to know and then demonstrate your proven knowledge of cloud computing. With new and enhanced skills, you will be able to expand into new areas. You might even shape the direction of your company’s cloud initiatives.

AWS Certifications can lead to better jobs

6 reasons why you should pursue an AWS certification better jobs min

As you increase your knowledge and improve your resumé, you will become qualified to apply for advanced jobs that require in-depth cloud knowledge. Your certification indicates your commitment to cloud computing and continuous learning, which makes you a desirable candidate, and an asset to the company.

90% of organisations that employ an AWS Certified IT professional say they trust the certification process to prepare an employee for a cloud-related job*.

You’ll gain confidence and perform at a higher level

6 reasons why you should pursue an AWS certification higher level min

With hands-on labs, in-depth instruction, and immersion in a curriculum developed by AWS experts, you will be confident that the knowledge you gain through the certification process will apply immediately to your job. And, your certifications validates your cloud skills.

You will attract the attention and respect of leaders and colleagues

6 reasons why you should pursue an AWS certification leaders and colleagues min

AWS Certified employees perform at higher levels. They troubleshoot problems and complete projects faster, and they are more productive. Your management team will appreciate your ability to bring new ideas to life, and your colleagues may be inspired to become certified when they see how certification accelerates your career in cloud computing.

You become part of a global community of cloud experts

6 reasons why you should pursue an AWS certification cloud experts min

Once you earn your first AWS Certification, you become eligible to engage and network with a global community of cloud experts. You will get access to the AWS Certified LinkedIn community, receive invitations to exclusive events, and be allowed into the AWS Certification lounges at AWS re:Invent and select AWS Summit events.

You will earn tangible benefits

In the 2018 IT Skills and Salary Report, Global Knowledge stated that AWS Certified IT staff earn 29 percent more than non-certified staff in the US and Canada. Whether through promotion or new opportunities with forward-thinking companies, you are likely to command a higher salary and an elevated title because of your demonstrated commitment to cloud technology.

Find your certification path

The benefits of AWS Certification are clear. Now it is time to find out where you should start. AWS offers four role-based certification paths with advancing levels of expertise, plus two specialty certifications. You can check out our AWS Certification and Courses here. Access our brochure on available AWS training.

*Train to Accelerate Your Cloud Strategy, IDC, October 2017

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