The need for cloud training cannot be overstated. Adrian Smith, one of our AWS Authorised Trainers writes:

“People should learn AWS because the future is cloud, with all the benefits it delivers including – Agility, Speed of delivery, Scale, Flexibility, Cost advantage, Consumption Model (you only pay for what you use) and AWS is the major player in this market.”

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For leaders involved in technology and learning and development, this means being aware of new tools to engage learners at their skill level and discussing the benefits of building a community of continuous cloud learning strategy with the rest of your team.

New, innovative ways to build AWS expertise

Cloud learning looks different in 2022 and beyond. Here are some examples of new ways you can equip your teams with AWS skills through a training partner like Lumify Work.


AWS Cloud Training with Lumify Work is available from our 10 campuses in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. We also have a global pool of AWS Authorised Trainers who can address your local and business-specific requirements. Consult with a local expert. You can contact us at the location nearest you.


More than ever before, people need flexibility in their learning. That’s why AWS launched its Skill Builder, which brings together a collection of experiences designed to meet the needs of builders of all backgrounds and experience levels. Lumify Work offers flexible learning solutions through Lumify Anywhere. These modalities include traditional classroom delivery (Instructor-Led Training or ILT), Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT), Hybrid VILT delivery, Online/Self-paced learning, Seminars, Webinars, Bootcamps, and Blended learning.


Your employees can access courses with role-based and solution-centric learning plans to help build the skills they need to be successful in helping customers. View the AWS cloud computing courses available with Lumify Work.

Certifications—Foundational, Advanced, and Specialty

Employees can earn their AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification by participating in the new, all-digital Partner-exclusive Learning Plan on AWS Skill Builder. Employees with one to two years of experience with AWS Cloud will earn an advanced certification, either with an associate or professional distinction. Specialty certifications validate your employee’s technical AWS Cloud experience in a specific domain.

Certification Distinction

Employees who complete accreditation and certification courses can share their achievements with you through certification consent. You can showcase your expertise to customers with visibility into credentials earned at your organisation. They can also share digital badges on their personal portfolio or website, LinkedIn or their resumes through Lumify Work and Credly.

Game-based learning

AWS Cloud Quest is an immersive training option. This role-based learning game teaches and develops practical AWS skills through learning activities, collaborative challenges, and hands-on practice with AWS services.

AWS Jam events

AWS Jam events bring teams together to simulate real-world situations and operational tasks and challenge teams to solve them together. Jam events are stand-alone events or in combination with instructor-led courses.

Drive innovation with continuous learning and community

When you demonstrate your support of a learning culture, it signals that you hire and invest in the best talent. Of the Partners surveyed who sponsored teams’ AWS Certification exam fees, 59% reported improved talent recruitment and 65% saw improved employee retention. This was found during research by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) commissioned by AWS in 2021.

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AWS Skills Guild helps encourage a groundswell of cloud knowledge and skills across your organisation while driving AWS Certifications to give your workforce the confidence to lead successful future cloud projects. It is a programmatic approach that helps accelerate cloud outcomes by creating excitement, increasing employee engagement, and nurturing a learning culture.

Lumify Plus is your online learning pathway to extend knowledge beyond courses. Get resources to help you practice what you learned and prepare for future courses, exams and certifications.

Key things you’ll need:

  1. A vocal Executive Sponsor to identify cloud champions in diverse roles—both IT and non-IT—and invite their input.

  2. A space for learning that permits people to fail—failure is not fatal; it is fundamental.

  3. A way to incentivise, recognise and reward your people—recognise and celebrate those who achieve AWS Certifications.

Build your cloud training community with an AWS training Partner

Lumify Work is an Authorised AWS training partner. This partnership helps us make cloud computing training accessible to more people. Because of this, we can offer flexible delivery modalities with Lumify Anywhere.

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You can access our AWS Jumpstart Bundles for digital cloud training -- all you need to start your AWS skills and certification journey. Comprised of AWS Authorised courses AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials and Architecting on AWS. Students learn how to optimise the AWS Cloud by understanding AWS services and how they fit into cloud-based solutions. Best practices and design patterns are covered to help students architect optimal IT solutions on the AWS Cloud. Build and explore a variety of infrastructures through guided discussions and hands-on activity. Also included are two certification exams: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate.

Our on-site campuses are open for classroom-style cloud computing training in Australia, New Zealand and in the Philippines. Through our Authorised AWS Instructors, we can provide you with a learning path that’s relevant to you and your organisation, so you can leverage the cloud for innovation. Download our brochure on AWS training to get more details. Contact us for a consultation based on your AWS training requirements.

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